Are Wind Farms a scam?

I would like you to learn all you can about Wind Farms and Wind Energy.

Why the big rush for wind power?

Which Green is it about?

Is it about Green energy or is it about the Green money?

I hoped it was about Green Energy but the more I investigate the matter the more it looks like it’s about the Green Money.

You decide.

“Big money” discovers the huge tax breaks


One Response to “Are Wind Farms a scam?”

  1. Ron Mattmer Says:

    Dwight Duncan and the Fiberals are facing election this year. Dwight Duncan and the Fiberals are hitching their horse to the Green bandwagon.
    Here’s the story in the Globe and Mail.

    “McGuinty plans to target green vote”

    Dwight Duncan and the Canadian Wind Energy Association hired GE a wind turbine manufacturer study the wind potential in Ontario. GE reported that the average “capacity value” of the wind resource in Ontario ranges from 38% to 42% during the winter months (November to February) and from 16% to 19% during the summer months (June to August).

    Meanwhile GE did a study for the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority and found capacity values “ranged from 3% to 12%, with an average value of 6%.”

    The Fiberals lied about shutting down coal. They miscalculated the load by 4000 MWs. The Fiberal study is lying about the capacity value of wind. Now they plan to appease the anarchists who would have us freeze in the dark when the wind doesn’t blow, as if the anarchists would vote Liberal in the first place. Dumb move Dalton.

    If the province goes ahead blindly with its plan, this could turn out to be an expensive wasteful exercise for Ontario power consumers.

    Did Dwight Duncan tell Ontarians that those natural gas plants he’s building to back up wind are killing Ontarians and causing respiratory diseases? Figure on 12 dead per year per 500 MW natural gas unit.

    Dwight Duncan calls me a NIMBY and BANANA. I’m not the one committing Ontarians to slow painful deaths like Dwight Duncan is on account of his ministry’s mis-planning and flawed policies.

    Dwight DUNCAN, wants a wind turbine in everyone’s backyard. Most of us out here are reasonable and are prepared to make the sacrifices as long as Dwight Duncan is too. Let’s start by comparing our ecological footprints. Is Dwight Duncan up to the 5 ton challenge?

    Ron Mattmer

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