Windfarm Industry equals subsidised Environmental Destruction

Windfarm Industry equals subsidised Environmental Destruction

One Response to “Windfarm Industry equals subsidised Environmental Destruction”

  1. andyr Says:

    The damage to the environment will be devestating.All the studies show different evidence.One study that was left out is the impacts on human health.The govt here says these huge wind towers produce no infrasonic waves.Why do they have to keep them 1000m away from cell towers.?
    Why do bats continually die from the blade ends?Why does the navy in Sweden insist on keeping windmills from the coast?THe frequency from these huge generators disrupts their radar .Why is Scottish Power in Europe building a new 10million dollar radar near one of their windparks?I believe they say that the different frequency waves can have affect on the Glasgow airports radar 30 km away.It is now confirmed that these industrial wind generators do give off low frequency waves that are damaging to human health.Our own govt is lying to us!Why are the energy companies in so much control ?

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