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Misplaced State Government Faith in “Wind Energy”

December 30, 2006

Misplaced State Government Faith in “Wind Energy”
— This Time by the Kansas Energy Council
A recent report by the “Kansas Energy Council” illustrates how government officials in many state capitals and in Washington create bad government policy by relying on misinformation, bowing to lobbyists, and failing to look at the true costs and benefits of their proposed actions and recommendations.
This report provides facts about wind energy and explains how current federal and state policies on wind energy are:
• Transferring hundreds of millions of dollars annually from ordinary electric customers and taxpayers to a few large companies, and
• Misdirecting the nation’s investment dollars into energy facilities that produce a small quantity, low quality product and that negatively impacts our environment.
* * * *
An Analysis and Report
Glenn R. Schleede
Round Hill, Virginia
March 1, 2005

From the editor of Kincardine wind farms

Because the wind industry works with a template approach, you can insert your own locality into this report. Some things may vary but the overall picture is the same.
You Lose.

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Energy bills to surge with green power

December 27, 2006

The switch to “clean green” energy sources will cost households up to 40 per cent more on their power bill, Federal Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane has said.Mr Macfarlane said it was inevitable there would be “big jumps” in power bills, but said most people were unaware of the looming increases.

“I don’t think the consumers fully understand the price tag associated with lower greenhouse gas emissions,” he told The Courier-Mail in an exclusive interview.

He believes it is time for a detailed debate about the impact of cutting emissions and is highly critical of those who promote wind and solar power as a potential solution to future energy needs. He said solar power was four to five times more expensive than electricity from coal and that wind power was twice as expensive – even though it was heavily subsidised.“While the energy source is free, converting that to electricity is expensive,” he said of wind and solar power.

By Clinton Porteous

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North Texas Wind Resistance Alliance

December 21, 2006


North Texas Wind Resistance

Promoting the Truth about Wind Energy


HomeDoes it work?Who’s behind it? • What does it harm? • What can we do?ResearchNews



What does it harm?


It squanders our capital on a false promise


Let’s start with the squandering of our precious investment capital on a feel-good, phony solution to our energy and environmental problems. We are presently building more than 2,000 1.5 MW turbines per year, at a capital cost of more than $4 billion annually. Add more than $1 billion per year in subsidies and you’re talking massive mal-investment, all ultimately taken from taxpayers and utility ratepayers. For what? To make some mega-corporations richer and our citizens poorer?

It produces very little electricity, at times when we don’t need it, and adds virtually nothing to our generating capacity. ERCOT reported to the Texas Legislature in 2005 that due to wind’s intermittency, and the historical performance of wind turbines in Texas, only 2% of nameplate generator capacity should be considered as “available resource”. That’s right, only 2% !! See the bottom of page 7 and the top of page 8 in the ERCOT Report . (more…)

Texans don't like wind farms(video)

December 19, 2006

Short video from Texas. They are not happy with the wind industry and you shouldn’t be either.

click link to view their story

Tomah Journal – Opinion

December 19, 2006

Letter: Windmills: Ask people of Kewaunee County

Stray voltage, cows dying from uncontrollable bleeding from the nostrils, decline of milk production, decreased property values, strobe light effect throughout the house, noise like a gravel pit, never having it quiet, poor TV reception, ugly, would never buy in this area again. These are but a few of the many similar responses to a survey done in Kewaunee County, Wisconsin, on the impacts of the wind turbine operation. The only solution to alleviate some of these problems was to buy out the properties, thereby taking them off of the tax rolls. Seventy-four percent said they would not build or buy within one-fourth mile of the turbines. I recommend that Invenergy pay for a site specific study by an independent company to determine if these and other problems are possible to surface in the proposed Summit Ridge Wind Farm. At the very least, research the potential problems of wind farm development. It would be at that point that a wind farm ordinance be developed, after information is gathered. The people of Kewaunee County learned their lessons the hard way. More information is necessary to make any decisions that have such far-reaching consequences. Inese Strazdins Epstein, RidgevilleTomah Journal – Opinion

The Future of Kincardine?

December 17, 2006

Don’t complain after the windmills are here.

Get active NOW!

Read the information on this site and if you still think wind farms are a good thing for the area, the environment or your pocket book, please read the information again.

The link below will help you understand. Think about 1000 plus of these machines along the Lake Huron shorline.

The Dena Report (wind energy assessed)

December 15, 2006

 The ABS Wind Power Report concludes that governments, developers and operators should seriously consider their options regarding wind power.

The Wind Power Report is the most important we have produced to date; providing the most comprehensive study of the wind power market today.

We show how the last year has seen marked changes in the national rankings in terms of wind power, both among the wind power market leaders and among the up and coming countries. Sudden activity has pushed some wind power markets forward, others have slowed down as their wind markets matures. With the first real evidence of performance and information on wind power from some of the most authoritative sources in the power industry, the claims for wind power are being called into question; we examine all of these factors in our wind power report.

The Wind Power Report explores the widening of the market to new countries, with many taking their first steps into the market. Wind energy information is provided on the five market leaders of Germany, Spain, the USA, India and Denmark. Significant wind power industry issues are emerging as operational data becomes available from the major wind power operators such as E.ON Netz, Eltra and ESB. Wind power reports have now been published by energy agencies and the network operators in USA, Germany, Spain, Denmark and Ireland, delineating critical problems. Deutsche EnergieAgentur (dena) has published a comprehensive wind power report on German wind power on behalf of the Federal Government, together with the utility and wind and industries. The dena report assessed the capacity credit of wind power in Germany in 2003 as 890-1,230 MW, i.e. 6% of installed wind capacity of 14,603 MW, rising to 1,820-2,300 MW for 36,000 MW installed in 2015, with a reserve capacity requirement of 7,000 MW. The claimed savings in GHG emissions has been questioned. Wind power’s intermittency places a large strain on system balance and where wind power has been promoted for politico/environmental reasons and wind developers have benefited from substantial subsidies, new information on wind energy shows that a reality check is needed.

The ABS Wind Power Report concludes that governments, developers and operators should seriously consider their options regarding wind power.

Would you like to live in propellor city?

December 7, 2006


Welcome to Municipality of Kincardine Ontario,known for our beautiful sunsets on Lake Huron. The place people spend the weekend or the summer. Soon we will be known as the land of the giant wind turbines. People will find other places to live and play. People will remark that Kincardine was such a nice place, before the wind farms ruined the area. They will also feel sorry for us when they look at the visual destruction of the area. The Lake Huron shoreline will stand as testament to the huge waste of taxpayers money. The province will get a paltry,unstable,amount of electricity and we get our landscape destroyed.
Think about us in our windmill prison as you drive by the place you used to visit. We’ll miss ya!
Energy Minister Dwight Duncan you must know by now that turning rural Ontario into an industrial site is not the answer to our energy needs.

The question is, why do you continue on this destructive path.

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2006 International Workshop on Landscape Ecology and the problems with windfarms

December 5, 2006

te doen toekomen.
inmiddels verblijven wij
Jim Mollet
voorzitter Nationaal Kritisch Platform Windenergie <>
Press Message

The NKPW (Nationaal Kritisch Platfom Windenergie) brings to your attention the outcome of the

2006 International Workshop on Landscape Ecology and the problems with wind farms

as held last week in Seoul, Republic of Korea.

The parties signing the Seoul Green Manifesto, the NKPW and other European participants, urge the EU to take the appropriate measures as requested in the Manifesto to protect our Cultural Heritage from the wind turbines on land locations.

We share concerns about possible global warming and deficiencies in fossil fuels, and from that perspective, we want to emphasize that wind turbines should not be considered as a solution or part of any package tackling the problems. As an old technology, it offers not only no solution for those problems but it drains so many public funds that a real solution which should be based on innovation and research is blocked.

In the meantime the European participants have agreed to organize an European summit in Hamburg, forthcoming January, to bundle their resources. They will invite all countries of the EU to join them, with the purpose to oppose the internationally well organized wind turbine lobby.

We take this opportunity to disclose the key statements made on the press conference held on Jeju Island last week:

Erwin Thorius, Chairman SDE Denmark:

In the last three years no single on-shore wind turbine have been build in Denmark

Stein Malkenes, Chairman Naeringslivets Kystakson,Norway:

The reality is that Jeju Island Governement has to choose, because it is not possible to have both growing tourism and wind turbines; wind turbines have a proven negative impact on tourism

Ferdinand Fürst zu Hohenlohe-Bartenstein, Chairman BLS, Germany

Soon we “celebrate ” the 20.000th wind plant, without replacing even one single small plant of conventional energy

Jim Mollet, Chairman NKPW, the Netherlands

The Republic of Korea impresses all participants with what has been reached. The Koreans refused to become followers of an old technology (wind turbines), and instead are purposed to become leaders in renewable energy by doing research and finding real solutions the world needs.

Information about this press message could be obtained from Jim Mollet, chairman of NKPW telephone number 0031 72 5023280

Why are we building wind farms in Ontario.

The Ontario Liberals should scrap their wind energy policy NOW! Littering Ontario with wind turbines will not benefit the public. Lives have already been ruined by your wind energy policy.Property values have been affected. Countless hours of precious time and resources have been spent fighting your failed wind policy. Yet you continue to shove wind turbines down our throats .

Give it up Mr. Duncan.

Wind is not the answer, not even in a small way.

PR: Wind Power Report Shows Facts Instead of Myths

December 4, 2006

PR: Wind Power Report Shows Facts Instead of Myths
The wind industry is built on half truths and myths
Energy Minister Dwight Duncan needs to accept the truth about the wind industry.
The only thing he can guarantee the people of Ontario with his energy policy is much higher energy prices and an unstable grid.
Mr.Duncan, if you don’t understand energy production then you should resign before you cause blackouts in Ontario.

Never forget. Half a truth equals a whole lie

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