Wind talk turns out to be hot air Wind talk turns out to be hot air

Dwight Duncan must accept the fact that wind farms are not the answer to power generation in Ontario. Kincardine area residents have been trying to get the point across to Mr. Duncan for some time now. Maybe this article will help. Mr. Dwight Duncan we don’t want and don’t need your wind farms. If you want green energy that works you should stop wasting taxpayers money on your wind turbine dream and start building Nukes.

2 Responses to “ Wind talk turns out to be hot air”

  1. andy robinson Says:

    When will the government debate the wind issue?Why have they gone so fast with technology that does not work.Are they destroying lives to win votes from the cities?Who is running this province,the energy companies?The government is being very tight lipped and will not answer concerned citizens questions.What is wrong with this picture!

  2. Ron Mattmer Says:

    Before the Ontario Power Authority complied its Integrated Power System Study, energy minister Dwight Duncan issued a directive committing Ontario to his energy policy for the next dozen years. Before the Liberals took power a Select Committee on Alternative Fuels made numerous recommendations to wean Ontario off fossil fuels. Since then, the government has doubled natural gas power generation and plans to double natural gas power generation capacity again to 12,000 MW. At the same time the plan has cut 2400 MW of nuclear. So the NOx emissions will increase and combine with vehicle emissions from the grid locked GTA and worsen smog in southern Ontario. The environmentalists think that this is a good plan because the government will also build 4000MWs of windmills in southern Ontario. Those windmills are only 25% efficient and must be backed up with the natural gas power generation. In fact, we get the smog because the windmills need to be backed up with gas. Is energy produced by 25% wind and 75% gas a better option than 100% nuclear? The gas has to be processed and piped through pristine wilderness areas. It is a non-renewable resource that will be burned up by this generation. How green and sustainable is the plan compared to building more nuclear? Other considerations like jobs for Ontario (Vs. Danish turbine manufacturers), the cost of energy to industry and energy security favour nuclear.

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