PR: Wind Power Report Shows Facts Instead of Myths

PR: Wind Power Report Shows Facts Instead of Myths
The wind industry is built on half truths and myths
Energy Minister Dwight Duncan needs to accept the truth about the wind industry.
The only thing he can guarantee the people of Ontario with his energy policy is much higher energy prices and an unstable grid.
Mr.Duncan, if you don’t understand energy production then you should resign before you cause blackouts in Ontario.

Never forget. Half a truth equals a whole lie

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2 Responses to “PR: Wind Power Report Shows Facts Instead of Myths”

  1. Ron Mattmer Says:

    According to New York Times article” It’s Free, Plentiful and Fickle”:
    “In Texas, as in many other parts of the country, power companies are scrambling to build generating stations to meet growing peak demands, generally driven by air-conditioning for new homes and businesses. But power plants that run on coal or gas must “be built along with every megawatt of wind capacity,” said William Bojorquez, director of system planning at the Electric Reliability Council of Texas.”
    The green rabble is being selective with the truth when they say we can replace nuclear with wind.
    Yes we can replace nuclear with wind backed up by coal and natural gas. Is that more sustainable and green than nuclear? Why has the Provincial government fed the hype? Why is the government now appeasing the anarchists that would have us freeze in the dark? The big corporate power users in Ontario are quite happy to go along with the game as long as they get their preferential rates. Who will be paying the 11 cents-kw hr for wind? Who will be paying for the 50 cent -kw hr for peak power? Who will be paying for the smart thermostats that they are installing free? Who will be paying for the smart meters? Who pays for the overpaid CEOs running the OPA, OEB and IESO? Who else but the little sheeple.

  2. Ron Mattmer Says:

    Energy sector workers have suffered through the uncertainties of privatization and restructuring. Communities have been devastated by the bungling that led to the shutdown of entire nuclear stations. Then there’s the debt that was left for Ontario power consumers to pay off. The decisions were made at the top with no public scrutiny.
    Little has changed per Tom Adams of Energy Probe as reported in the National Post.

    “When he came to power, McGuinty promised to depoliticize the power system, to give Hydro One a commercial mandate, and let it operate like a business. McGuinty executed not just Parkinson, but also a 180-degree flip-flop.”

    The McGuinty government is making political hay out of the departure of Parkinson, CEO of the Hydro One. It’s looking more like Parkinson was made the fall guy for standing up to political interference. According to Parkinson, “H1 is too complex, too valuable and too important to the Ontario economy to be in government hands. Career politicians and mediocre ex-CEOs are not up to the complex challenge of running companies like these. The price of chronic government interference is enormous.”

    Was our energy minister Dwight Duncan blind to the spending by the top functionaries like Parkinson? Not according to an article by Canadian Business Online. “Dwight Duncan, come on down”.

    Under Dwight Duncan’s watch, the energy file has been bungled. Ontario electricity load was miscalculated by 4000 MWs. The plan is to subsidize thousands of wind turbines to appease the green leftists and anarchists who would have us freeze in the dark when the wind doesn’t blow. On account of dithering and flawed policy, Ontario is now committed to keeping coal plants open and building pollution spewing natural gas plants. Ontarians suffer the ill effects and get to pick up the tab for the mismanagement while Dwight Duncan & Co. vote themselves a $20,000 raise.
    Fat cats leave a big fat environmental footprint.

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