Would you like to live in propellor city?


Welcome to Municipality of Kincardine Ontario,known for our beautiful sunsets on Lake Huron. The place people spend the weekend or the summer. Soon we will be known as the land of the giant wind turbines. People will find other places to live and play. People will remark that Kincardine was such a nice place, before the wind farms ruined the area. They will also feel sorry for us when they look at the visual destruction of the area. The Lake Huron shoreline will stand as testament to the huge waste of taxpayers money. The province will get a paltry,unstable,amount of electricity and we get our landscape destroyed.
Think about us in our windmill prison as you drive by the place you used to visit. We’ll miss ya!
Energy Minister Dwight Duncan you must know by now that turning rural Ontario into an industrial site is not the answer to our energy needs.

The question is, why do you continue on this destructive path.

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