Texans don't like wind farms(video)

Short video from Texas. They are not happy with the wind industry and you shouldn’t be either.

click link to view their story


4 Responses to “Texans don't like wind farms(video)”

  1. andy robinson Says:

    I have travelled to most of the wind installations in Ontario and I have not found 1 person who is happy about windturbines.Lack of govt regulation allows the energy companies to do what ever they please.The setbacks are presented by the energy companies that love to make money.They are placing them so close to homes that it can only be called rude.

  2. andy robinson Says:

    The people in Ripley will soon find out what its all about.I believe they propose 500 for their area and another several hundred for kincardine.Wont the the energy companies in texas and calgary be celebrating.Canadians will be paying for years to the US

  3. Ron Mattmer Says:

    Texans, don’t waste money on the wind and compromise America’s energy security. On account of generous subsidies, many industrial wind farms are being built in locations that aren’t efficient and harm the environment. They are being backed up by green house gas (GHG) emitting natural gas plants for most of the energy. The LPG will be shipped in from the middle east.

    Britain’s gas and electricity regulator now wants Britain’s Renewables Obligation scheme scrapped because it has cost consumers $billions and “Worse still, the emissions savings delivered are small and almost unbelievably expensive.”

    High efficiency coal provides energy security with about the same GHG emissions as the wind/gas mix for way less $s.

    It takes economic activity to pay the bills. For the most part, industry, commerce and transportation are not green. What is the impact of the wind driven economic activity itself on global warming?

    Has anybody taken a big picture look at fossil fuel use for electricity generation, transportation, industrial, commercial and residential use to say that wind backed up by gas is the best way to achieve the needed GHG cuts in the long term? Dollars would be best spent on conservation and efficiency first. Are we at the end of that rope so that we now have to building inefficient, costly wind farms mostly backed up by a non-renewable and polluting energy source imported from the middle east?

  4. George Krejci Says:

    By the end of the millennium 2000 this earth shall be without oil, gas, coal, and uranium. Experiments with fusion so far yielded no major results. The only remaining sources of energy are solar and wind. Solar energy is not very significant. I suggest one million wind towers be erected in the oceans along the United States coastlines. Electrical energy from these wind generators should reach about 1000 gigawatts which is equivalent to the power generated by approximately 1000 nuclear plants. This amount of electricity will heat homes and produce hydrogen for our future cars.

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