Tomah Journal – Opinion

Letter: Windmills: Ask people of Kewaunee County

Stray voltage, cows dying from uncontrollable bleeding from the nostrils, decline of milk production, decreased property values, strobe light effect throughout the house, noise like a gravel pit, never having it quiet, poor TV reception, ugly, would never buy in this area again. These are but a few of the many similar responses to a survey done in Kewaunee County, Wisconsin, on the impacts of the wind turbine operation. The only solution to alleviate some of these problems was to buy out the properties, thereby taking them off of the tax rolls. Seventy-four percent said they would not build or buy within one-fourth mile of the turbines. I recommend that Invenergy pay for a site specific study by an independent company to determine if these and other problems are possible to surface in the proposed Summit Ridge Wind Farm. At the very least, research the potential problems of wind farm development. It would be at that point that a wind farm ordinance be developed, after information is gathered. The people of Kewaunee County learned their lessons the hard way. More information is necessary to make any decisions that have such far-reaching consequences. Inese Strazdins Epstein, RidgevilleTomah Journal – Opinion

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