North Texas Wind Resistance Alliance


North Texas Wind Resistance

Promoting the Truth about Wind Energy


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What does it harm?


It squanders our capital on a false promise


Let’s start with the squandering of our precious investment capital on a feel-good, phony solution to our energy and environmental problems. We are presently building more than 2,000 1.5 MW turbines per year, at a capital cost of more than $4 billion annually. Add more than $1 billion per year in subsidies and you’re talking massive mal-investment, all ultimately taken from taxpayers and utility ratepayers. For what? To make some mega-corporations richer and our citizens poorer?

It produces very little electricity, at times when we don’t need it, and adds virtually nothing to our generating capacity. ERCOT reported to the Texas Legislature in 2005 that due to wind’s intermittency, and the historical performance of wind turbines in Texas, only 2% of nameplate generator capacity should be considered as “available resource”. That’s right, only 2% !! See the bottom of page 7 and the top of page 8 in the ERCOT Report .

From the editor of Kincardine wind farms

The North Texas Wind Resistance Alliance web site shows the link between Enron and the wind industry. If wind is such a poor source of power why build wind farms? Carbon credits. The US, Germany, China and many other countries are about to start building hundreds of new coal plants. Up to 120 coal plants in the US alone. Carbon credits from wind and other green energies allow polluters to show on paper that they are not polluting as much as they really are. Look at it as accounting for polluters. Look at the meager amount of money paid to the farmers for what it is, HUSH money. So who wins and who loses.The big companies win and You lose. You get higher electric bills and your landscape and way of life ruined. The province gets to manage an unstable electrical grid. Dwight Duncan said during a speech that he was a leader. He is a follower not a leader. The wind industry has led him down the garden path and he followed. He also said that Sir Adam Beck would be proud of him. I don’t think so. Adam Beck believed that it was important that electricity be produced at cost. Since deregulation of the industry our cost of electricity has risen sharply and the infrastructure has been in decline. Mr. Duncan has failed miserably as the Energy minister of Ontario.


2 Responses to “North Texas Wind Resistance Alliance”

  1. andy robinson Says:

    The premier has said he is going to shut down coal plants.His plan is to give billions to foreign energy companies and alberta companies to set up windturbines with an annual return of 2-6% max.That mmeans for every billion of taxpayers money you get 20-60 million in power.Where does the other 950 million go?The gov. is also setting up a dozen or more gas generating plants to help out the windturbines.Hold on to your wallets its going to be a rough ride ahead!

  2. andy robinson Says:

    Energy companies discredit true wind power capabilities by forcing it upon us improperly.You can get 100% power out of a home generator but when the energy companies put it on the grid we pay the full subsidized price and receive only a fraction of useful power.At 2% that would mean for every 1 billion in spending we would get 20 million in power.Where did the other 980 million of tax payers dollars go?

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