Germany to Build 8 new coal plants

Dwight Duncan keeps using Germany as his model for wind power. Wind is the fastest growing energy sector in the world he says.

It might be the fastest growing but the question remains. Does it work?

Germany has very high energy costs. They built 43GW of wind power but only count on it for 2 GW. They have never been able to shut down any base capacity.

Germany is going to build eight new coal fired plants.

Duncan has said the government will agree to build new nuclear reactors should the OPA recommend it. But he says those lobbying the authority to recommend so-called cleaner coal technology and keeping the plants open are a century behind the times.


“I say to the Neanderthals . . . we’re moving forward responsibly to ensure that we clean up our air,” Duncan said. “We’re in the 21st century. They’re in the 19th century.”

Mr. Duncan, will you now refer to the Germans as Neanderthals?


Europe’s Image Clashes With Reliance on CoalNew York Times

But the new plant, which will be just a demonstration model, pales next to the eight coal-fired power stations Germany plans to build for commercial use


One Response to “Germany to Build 8 new coal plants”

  1. Ron Mattmer Says:

    The OPA doesn’t decide if Ontario will build nuclear. The people of Ontario will.

    Up to now the OPA has by stealth and deception committed Ontario down an energy path this is not sustainable, not cost effective and not green. We living in the most polluted part of Ontario know it. Dunky Duncan’s plan will install 12,000 MWs of natural gas generation, most of it needed to back up his pet windmills. Dunky Duncan’s plan will kill 200 Ontarians a year and cause thousands of respiratory illnesses. His plan will only put a small dent in Kyoto. Tell us Dunky, how are you going to cut another 70% in GHG emissions to save the planet? Dam up every river in Ontario, Quebec and Manitoba and drill for more gas in the Northwest and build pipelines thru wilderness areas to feed your pet windmills?

    The public consultations put on by the OPA are just show for the public. Did the OPA ask us what we thought before they tabled their MIX Supply Report. NOT.

    The OPA then gets Dunky Duncan to issue a directive committing us down the road that the OPA had already decided on. The OPA then says ”sorry folks but the minister says this is how its going to be done so the plans are set but we can talk about the weather if you like.” And when we say “just wait one second” Dunky Duncan calls us NIMBYs BANANAS and Neanderthals.

    This is the contempt Ontario citizens get from their government. Did Ontarians get a say in busting up Hydro? Did the public get a say in privatizing the nukes? The workers union had to take the government to court to stop the privatization of Hydro 1. Did the public get a say on shutting down the two nuke stations? These decisions get made behind closed doors where the lobbyists do their entertaining. WAKE UP SHEEPLE

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