Best slogan gets a Free Coffee

What will the Liberal slogan be?
Vote McGuinty ! I’m wasting your money on a green dream.
Got an election slogan for McGuinty?


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McGuinty Allows Family To Keep Pet Deer

Bruce and Christina Straby will want to put some salt licks under the tree this Christmas.Premier Dalton McGuinty went from a Grinch to a Santa Claus of sorts for the Greely, Ont. family that was urging provincial politicians to let them spend the season with their beloved and illegal pet.
story and video

McGuinty saved a deer because he saw some votes. He is doing the same with the wind farms. Green energy for all.

The problem is the Ontario Liberals aren’t being honest with the public. Their wind farm program is designed to get your vote. I say that, because I can’t find any other use for them. Wind farms will give you high energy prices and an unstable grid. Worse than that, they cause havoc with people and animals that live near them. Yes even deer.

I know people that sleep with their radio on to mask the noise of the turbines. Farms were one place where you could count on quiet. Not anymore. I know of a farmer who sold a bull when it became so agitated, he felt it had become a risk to himself and his family. The same farmer now has cattle bleeding from the nose. Stray current is the likely culprit.

Another couple I met sold their horses. They loved their horses. After the arrival of the turbines they noticed a change. They seemed spooked and agitated when ever they were out of the barn. For their own saftey and the health of the horses, they made the decision to sell them.

Ashfield-Colborne-Wawanosh Twp. is hoping to complete the wind turbine provisions bylaw in January now that EPCOR has submitted plans for the Kingsbridge 2 wind power project. “If the public has any further comments to make, they should make them now,” said Monica Walker-Bolton, of the Huron County planning department. Walker-Bolton said she is still at the information gathering stage. She said she has emailed relevant agencies for information but is not getting much response. She is also waiting for further information from the Health Unit.

Coun. Connie Black and Doug Miller said they agreed with the bylaw but Coun. Barry Millian said 400 metres is plenty close.

“There are ones close to my house that can get plenty loud,” said Millian. “I think 400 metres is stretching it.”

Coun. Carl Sloetjes said council should now consider setting farther setbacks for wind turbines. He said he is concerned with news that the transmission line is full and if more turbines are built the power has nowhere to go.

This Liberal won’t be voting McGuinty if he keeps pushing his useless wind dream on rural Ontario.

What will the Liberal slogan be?
Vote McGuinty! I’m wasting your money on a green dream.
Got an election slogan for McGuinty?


Leave a post. Best slogan gets a Free Coffee.

2 Responses to “Best slogan gets a Free Coffee”

  1. Moe Anderson Says:

    Green Camoflauge Suit – $50
    Dabbling in Windmills– 2.5 Billion
    Putting fingers in ears, la la la – $30 Billion
    Getting Re-elected – Priceless

  2. Ron Mattmer Says:

    Here’s Dolly McGuinty’s green plan to cut Ontario’s GHG emission’s.

    Promise again to shut down those coal plants by 2015 but meanwhile don’t invest one cent in cleaning up the emissions. Those 500 Ontarians killed each year were going to die anyway.

    Raise hydro rates so industry moves out of the province. The OPA is already claiming success in reducing peak demand. Peak demand is down because northern industries have shut down.

    Keep crying about how Stevie Harper won’t give Dolly $500 million that Martin promised Dolly to light up Toronto as if an Ontarian living in rural Ontario should have to pay to light up that growing cancer out of his federal taxes.

    Contract Alberta firms to build 5000 MW wind generation in Ontario.
    Wind production gets figured into equalization so Ontario pays.

    Buy $5 billion in wind turbines from offshore instead of building Canadian power plants.

    Contract $10 billion in gas plants with US carpet baggers to back up the wind mills instead of building Canadian power plants.

    Import enough natural gas from Alberta to fire 11,000 MW gas power plants.
    Natural gas production isn’t subject to equalization. Alberta saves. Ontario pays. Those 200 dead Ontarians were going to die anyway.

    Buy the pollution credits from Alberta wind producers to offset the burning of Alberta gas to produce Ontario’s electricity. Ontario pays. Pollution credits aren’t going to save those 200 dead Ontarians were going to die anyway.

    With 10 years of proven gas reserves, drill, process and build pipelines in the last remaining wilderness areas of Canada. Who are the NIMBYs now?

    Remember the AVRO.

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