Problems associated with wind turbines

[This letter was written by Mr. Monfils, Lincoln Town Board Chairman, about living near wind turbines in Kewaunee County, Wisconsin. He wrote it hoping that it will help other communities facing wind power plant proposals.]


To Whom It May Concern:

One lesson learned from our experience with the process of the request for locating wind turbines in the Town of Lincoln in Kewaunee County, was never to assume that what the Utilities or their private supporters tell you about the project is accurate. They put out information, which was beneficial to them and the project and downright wrong.

When dealing with the utilities or private companies, try to deal with one or two persons in charge. This avoids having to repeat your concerns and helps to avoid problems about who said what and who promised this or that about your concerns about the project. Get their promises in writing with guarantees about what they are promising. If their promises are not met, written penalties of appropriate, but substantial size must be provided and enforced. Written conditions and penalties are mandatory if you plan to accept the wind farm project.

Problems that are of strong concern, and problems that we had warned the utilities about but were assured that they would not occur are as follows: interference with T V reception, Microwave reception interference, depreciating property values, flashing red lights (FAA) interfering with nearby homes, wind turbine NOISE which interferes with neighbors sleep and their mental health, increased traffic, road damage, cattle being scared from rotating shadows cascading from the blades in a setting sun, rotating shadows in nearby homes, concerns about stray voltage, concerns about increased lightening strikes, environmental damage to birds, etc. etc. etc. But the proponents for wind energy will dismiss all of these concerns and tell you that they will not occur. THEY ARE WRONG. Ask the neighbors who are not property owners reimbursed by the utilities through lease agreements on their property or people who want to lease in the future. They will verify these problems.
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Problems associated with wind turbines

3 Responses to “Problems associated with wind turbines”

  1. Joe Says:

    this is yet another typical ‘i dont know anything about WTG’s but i’ll voice my expertise rant’.
    TV Interference: each mfg uses different components, however, they all need to pass FCC regulations. FCC is pretty keen on keeping interferences down and tampering with a device approved by the FCC is a big nono. So your statement of interference is just you being upset and trying to find reasons to blame your rabbit ears being busted on a WTG.
    Microwave reception: I highly doubt that a WTG is going to produce a 2.5ghz signal all the way to your house. Even then, it shouldnt effect anything but your portable phone. And at that, the microwave in your house is going to affect it much more then a WTG would (assuming it produces this signal, i havent used a scanner on it)
    Property values, well to the eyes of the beholder. Some people would like to be around WTGs. It only drops property value to people who are self centered and only care about themselves.
    Flashing red lights: this reminds me of someone who wrote an article saying how the flashing beacon on a school bus hypnotized him and he demanded they be removed. Are you SERIOUS? its 80 metres in the air, and dim at that. Maybe youd rather a plane crash into it and land on your house 🙂
    Traffic: once again the self centered routine. What traffic? The site techs who are maintaining these clean electricity producing machines?
    Road damage: i can see maybe when they’re being installed, but, if your roads were constructed to handle a legal load limit they shouldn’t be damaged.
    Turbine noise is hovering 100dB. And thats right at the bottom of the tower. It’s within legal limits for probably %90 of the towns in north america. If you don’t like it talk to your local MP.
    Cattle being scared from shadows/Enviro damage to birds: 2 birds in one stone here. They get accustomed to it, and carry one. Birds are well aware they are there, if they weren’t, there migration patterns wouldnt have changed to move around WTG sites. Cattle, well, if your startled by a shadow OVER and OVER and OVER again, then you’ve got problems. A cow is actually smarter then a goldfish.
    Home Shadows: your home should be close enough to a blade to have a shadow cast concentrated enough to be a bother.
    Stray voltage: it would have to be some crazy voltage to spark from a WTG to anything close to where your standing.
    Increased lightning: if you can prove it has increased, I can also prove how its safer.

    Most of all, people will bitch about just anything if they want to. If you don’t like your neighbour you’ll likely start looking for problems in them. Or maybe even find problems, that no one else sees. Like that environmental damage to birds (I REALLY hope you have never flown in one, or never plan to fly in a plane, because jet engines have probably sucked up more birds then a WTG has ever dropped out of the sky).

    Quite simply, wind energy is the cleanest, and quickest source of energy, and believe it or not, it pays itself off. Do a little research on it in Denmark and you’ll change your tune pretty quick.

  2. Wind Generator and Wind Generating Facility Ordinance for Trempealeau County « Blowing Our Tax Dollars on Wind Farms Says:

    […] This letter was written by Mr. Monfils, Lincoln Town Board Chairman, about living near wind turbines in Kewaunee County, Wisconsin. He wrote it hoping that it will help other communities facing wind power plant proposals. problems-associated-with-wind-turbines […]

  3. helen sabin Says:

    You FORGOT the following: Even BOONE PICKENS doesn’t want these behemothson his Texas ranch as they ONLY work when the wind is not TOO strong, and not at all in the summer when there isn’t enough wind. Ever drive to Vegas from CA? More than half the time they aren’t working – just sitting there.

    Then you have the problem of them killing many thousands of birds and bats who fly into their turning blades.

    Then you have the cost of these things – 28 million EACH or more! We could spend that on drilling in the BAKKEN reserves and get off FOREIGN OIL!!

    Then you have the cost of getting the energy piped somewhere to some grid. IN the Mohave where CA is fighting putting the wind mills, they would have to put miles of pipe lines to transfer the energy gathered to some grid. Now how much damage would that do to the fragile “ecosystem”?

    And then there is the repair when they break – how costly to send UNION crews ALL the way out to the Mojave to do that – they would need to stay in motels and eat as they have travel involved, unless they camp at night on the mojave and the unions would not allow that so that cost is added in to the repair costs.

    ANd then there is the amount of energy gained from a windmill – about 1% per day. Great return on value isn’t it??

    When T BOone doesn’t want them on his property due to NOISE and SHADOWS and other problems, that should be good enough for us!

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