Darmstadt Manifesto

(Paper on Wind energy)
Initiative Group
Darmstadt Manifesto
Press Release
Dated 1 September 1998
At the press conference which took place today at the Bruningstrasse Press Club in Bonn
the Initiative Group presented the Darmstadt Manifesto on the Exploitation of Wind
energy in Germany.
The manifesto, which has to date been signed by more than 60 college/university
lecturers and writers*, demands the withdrawal of all direct and indirect subsidies in order
to put a stop to the exploitation of wind energy.
(It claims that) the exploitation of wind energy promotes the type of technology which is
of no significance whatever for the purpose of supplying energy, saving resources and
protecting the climate. The money could be put to far more effective use in increasing the
efficiency of power stations, in ensuring effective energy consumption and in funding
scientific research into fundamental principles in the field of energy.

This paper was written in 1998 and here we are in Ontario 2007 fighting against wind farms and the theft of our tax dollars. Make your voice heard. Let Dwight Duncan know your outrage.

Full paper click on link


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