Wind lobbyist at work (CanweA)

Letters from Robert Hornung, president of CanweA, to various govt. departments.

Start at the bottom and read your way to the top.

After the Kyoto Accord was signed, the wind industry who was waiting in the wings, stepped in.

A very good salesman leading an uninformed group of people down the garden path.

The wind industry set the tone from the beginning and continues to do so.

To date I have been unable to find any attempt at discovery by the govt.side as to the truth of claims made by the wind industry.

It looks like the govt. let the wind industry cut their own deal. And a sweet deal it is. You didn’t have any other plans for those billions of dollars did you?

Just yesterday I heard Carol Mitchell MPP for Huron Bruce say “I think wind turbines are majestic” Right out of the wind industry play book.Nice touch Carol

Please read the letters and if you come to a different conclusion than I have please let me know.

4 Responses to “Wind lobbyist at work (CanweA)”

  1. andy robinson Says:

    This just shows the blatant corruption involved with our politics in Ontario.These were the same tactics that enron used when they scammed billions from taxpayers and ripped off california for 30 billion because the government had deregulated power so the energy companies had complete control.The poor grid setup and problems with so many windturbines helped in causing the rolling blackouts in california.Enron used this to their advantage and sucked the cash right out of consumers pockets.

  2. andy robinson Says:

    Carol mitchell the Liberal MPP refers to industrial wind turbines as majestic.Why has she not gone to visit the people who have problems?Is she turning a blind eye to the safety of the people she is responsible for.How will she ever be trusted in the future with the health and well being of the people in Huron Bruce

  3. andy robinson Says:

    It is hard to distinguish between canwea and its american sister the american wind ass.They both use the same techniques and the same lines.Remember the old saying “bullshit baffles brains”.Well one thing for sure is they are both full of it.

  4. M. Anderson Says:

    “CanWEA has consistently argued that the issuance of SOCs should be completely independent of the process used to determine whether or not a project can connect to the grid.”

    Unbelievable. So lets just throw money to the wind regardless if it is actually feasible or not. Morons.

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