A Report by David White, BSc, C Eng, F I Chem E

Commissioned and published by the Renewable Energy Foundation

December 2004

An increase in wind capacity will have to be matched by new
conventional capacity required to cover winter peak demand when there is no wind.
This new capacity would be under-utilised, again raising the unit cost and . UK demand will continue to grow, as forecast by National Grid Transco, and power shortages seem inevitable in the medium term if the “secure” generation
capacity needed to replace obsolete plant is not forthcoming.
• In conclusion, it seems reasonable to ask why wind-power is the beneficiary of such extensive support if it not only fails to achieve the CO2 reductions required,but also causes cost increases in back-up, maintenance and transmission, while at the same time discouraging investment in clean, firm generation.

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The govt. of Ontario is pursuing wind power for one reason and one reason only. To get your vote. There are too many credible reports showing that wind is a poor choice for electrical generation, to come to any other conclusion. Are “YOU” a citizen of Ont. going to sit idly by while your govt, under false pretences, wastes billions of your tax dollars and puts the electrical grid in jeopardy.

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  1. andy robinson Says:

    It is unfortunate that the government should use such tactics to win an election.The facts are all here,wind is very expensive and it will never shut down any generating stations.This is proven all through Europe.Why is the government not using data from other countries.They are endangering the lives of its citizens and throwing money out the door blindly.A new election is just what we need.I always wondered about Mcguinty.

  2. Ron Mattmer Says:

    Ontario has cut 2400 MW nuclear out of the power supply plan. The plan calls for 4000 MW wind in southern Ontario. Ontario will also be doubling the installed capacity of natural gas generation to 12,000 MW partly to back up the wind. The plan is to keep Ontario’s coal plants running to 2015. Until then, air quality will only get worse. The Ontario Medical Association (OMA) estimated there were 5,800 premature deaths due to air pollution in Ontario alone in 2005. The Ontario government estimates health and environmental costs of air pollution in that province alone at more than $9 billion annually. Decisions to secure a firm clean reliable energy supply needed to be made years ago. Instead the government dreamt the time away on wind! 4000 MW nuclear instead of wind-gas supplied power would have reduced CO2eq. emissions by 25% of Ontario’s Kyoto target and saved thousands of lives. Premier McGuinty plans to campaign on his “green” record. He inherited 146 recommendations from the all party committee on Alternative Fuels. Increased fossil fuel consumption and pollution wasn’t one of them.

  3. andy robinson Says:

    the capavity favtor sounds great.Eveyone talks about the wind turbines like they make power 24 hrs a day.We all know it is not true but our govt is using it like atool for the election.Harper said a couple months ago that he stopped the wippi program but he just started it again from presure of Dionne who is taking his advice from the energy companies.It sounds like wind power is only about the fake support of the environment.The govt,are using it for political reasons.Is communism running wild in Ontario or are the energy companies just being pure sleazy!

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