Dion touts clean coal for power

Dion touts clean coal for power TheStar.com – News – Dion touts clean coal for power

Provincial Liberals favour nuclear power, but federal leader fears waste disposal a problem

January 17, 2007

Queen’s Park Bureau
Nuclear power is an iffy proposition for Canada because the issue of how to handle waste that remains radioactive for thousands of years has not been properly dealt with, Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion said yesterday.

“As long as I’m not able to look Canadians in the eyes and to say, `I’m comfortable with the waste,’ I will not recommend it,” Dion, elected leader last month on an environmental platform, said after a breakfast speech to a Bay Street crowd.

It’s also time to look at clean coal as a solution to meeting electricity needs while reducing harmful emissions blamed for global warming, Dion told a business audience in what was billed as his first major speech as head of the federal party.

“I think there are cleaner coal possibilities, we need to go there to invest in it and to be a champion in the world,” said Dion, noting university researchers in Saskatchewan and Alberta are looking into the potential.

The remarks appeared to put him at odds with his Liberal cousins in the Ontario government, who are preparing to build more nuclear power plants and hoping to phase out coal-fired power plants to meet the twin challenges of fast-growing electricity needs and increasing smog.

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One Response to “Dion touts clean coal for power”

  1. Ron Mattmer Says:

    Where’s Dion’s plan for Canada cutting 200 Mega tons of GHG emissions over the next few years. Project Green plan was going to cost $12 billion by 2012 and cut emissions by about half of the Kyoto target with much of that money being spent outside Canada. Now Dion says no to nuclear but gas processing and pipelines in wilderness areas are OK and it’s OK to dam up every last river in Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec. While the Federal Liberals were in office, the Nuclear Waste Management Organisation which came up with the plan for managing Canada’s used nuke fuel. If Canada’s then environment minister was that concerned about the direction the NWMO was taking why didn’t he speak up at the time? Meanwhile the Liberal Government sold nuclear reactors to Romania and China. Why didn’t Mr. Dion speak out against the deals? Do the Romanians and Chinese have better plans for managing the fuel than Canada does? Given the investment Canada has made in nuclear and the jobs and exports that are at stake, it was irresponsible for Dion to say NO to nuclear. Remember the Avro. Besides nuclear is a better option than wind backed up by natural gas. The would be emperor has exposed himself.

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