Is Enbridge a good Corporate Citizen

 Here in Canada, Enbridge has been found guilty of “criminal misconduct” by the Supreme Court for charging its Canadian customers late-payment penalties that exceeded permissible legal interest rate levels.

Enbridge first became the target of shareholder action in 2003 because of their potential involvement in death squads in Colombia. Colombia is in the midst of a brutal civil war, and security providers for Enbridge may have been associated with the Colombian paramilitaries. The allegation include the purchase of military equipment and passing “intelligence” on to death squads about “subversives” in communities through which the their OCENSA pipeline passes. (Enbridge is a major stakeholder in the pipeline.) 200 peasant families from one of these communities (Zaragosa) sued despite death threats and abject poverty, claiming that the pipeline had destroyed their lands.


4 Responses to “Is Enbridge a good Corporate Citizen”

  1. M. Anderson Says:

    After all I’ve learned lately, this doesn’t surprise me a bit. We see how we’re treated and how hard it is to fight in Canada. These people have absolutely no resources, no rights or anyone to help them at all.

  2. bluerider Says:

    Is enbridge so big now that they feel above the law or do they just know who’s pocket they have their hand in?

  3. M. Anderson Says:

    In the Toronto Star last Saturday, there was an article about an “environmentalist” who says she only buys ethical, socially conscience stocks for her portfolio.

    She listed Enbridge as one of these angels. Some people really need to wake up out of their green fairy-tale world.
    with their

  4. Ron Mattmer Says:

    This species has a dark past. Enbridge is a more enlightened corporate citizen today that it was yesterday. If anything, Enbridge finds itself a victim just like others may find themselves victims.

    Enbridge didn’t create the Federal wind production subsidy.
    Enbridge didn’t make Ontario’s energy policy.
    Enbridge didn’t make Ontario’s noise regulations.
    Enbridge didn’t sign off the Environmental Assessments for Melanchton, Kingsbridge and Erie.
    Enbridge didn’t write Bruce County’s wind farm application requirements.
    Enbridge didn’t adopt Kincardine’s official plan and by-laws.

    Enbridge did put their $10’s of millions on the table.

    By extension, the laws, polices, regulations, guidelines, plans, incentives and EAs are of OUR making. Now how do we do right for Enbridge and the other victims?

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