Kincardine-Coldest day of the year

7pm temp in Kincardine Ontario is -15, windchill is -22 and we have 413 mw of wind capacity.

The wind farms, which are causing many problems for families living near them, are producing at 7pm, a grand total of 43 mw or 10.5% of their rated capacity.

Let us bow our heads and pray we never have to depend on the wind to keep us warm.

3 Responses to “Kincardine-Coldest day of the year”

  1. Tony Clark Says:

    10.5% is a lot better than other times,I’VE seen it much lower than that.Like you say, let’s hope we never have to depend on wind power to heat our homes or light or cool them,it just won’t happen.

  2. bluerider Says:

    it seems the wind turbine in Toronto is just a sideshow for the city folk.It was reported to be producing 0 mw but it was still turning.Maybe they were hoping the wind was going to come up and they were trying to get it started.

  3. bluerider Says:

    I be praying

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