Wind Turbine Setbacks-UPDATE Sept.11 2007-

From the editor

Manitoba gets the first realistic setback in Canada. The people in Manitoba fought back and instead of a 500 meter setback they now have a more realistic 2000 meter from their property lines. In Ontario the setbacks are from the residence, not the property line, which makes the 450 meter setback in the Municipality of Kincardine and most other places even more ludicrous and unacceptable. I would like to take this opportunity to encourage everyone everywhere to fight for their and their neighbors rights.

You don’t have to put up with this crap.

Rural Municipality of Cartier Manitoba
Some residents voiced their displeasure with the project at the public hearing. Rasmussen said most residents were concerned about the distance turbines would be located from property lines according to the zoning bylaw.

The bylaw passed first reading by a 5-1 council vote in June. Since then, set back guidelines for erecting the turbines changed from 500 metres from neighbouring property lines to 2,000 metres.

Read the rest of the story and get inspired

Riverside County-CALIFORNIA-Restrict the placement of wind turbines within 2 miles of residential development unless the applicant supplies documentation that the machine(s) will not produce low frequency impulsive noise.

Turbines too close to homes-Ms. Lucas, speaking for the Guardians, told the hearing commissioners that the 70 wind turbines proposed for the hills southwest of Makara, each 125 meters tall, were too large to put within two kilometers of any residence. International research showed it was “general protocol” to allow a 2km buffer, even with smaller turbines.

In NZ there were no consented wind energy developments with more than a handful of houses closer than 2km. (Source-Walkato Times)

Australia-To avoid adverse noise impacts on the amenity of the surrounding community, wind farm developments should include sufficient buffers or setbacks to noise sensitive premises. As a guide, the distance between the nearest turbine and a noise sensitive building not associated with the wind farm is to be 1km. These guidelines provide that wind farm developments should be constructed and designed to ensure that noise generated will not exceed 5dB(A) above the background sound level or 35dB(A) using a 10-minute LA eq, whichever is greater, at surrounding noise-sensitive premises. (Source-Guidelines for Wind Farm Development, Planning Bulletin, Western Australia)

Australia-Wind Farm Under Scrutiny. The Myponga/Sellicks Hill wind farm will be scrutinized after claims that developer TrustPower plans to move seven of the turbines within one kilometer of dwellings. (Source-The Times)

(1600 metres in Germany, 1800 metres in Holland).

It was Alves-Pereira’s initial research, published in numerous scientific journals, which prompted the French National Academy of Medicine, earlier this month (March 2006), to call on the French government to stop all wind turbine construction within 1.5 km of people’s homes. You should understand that VAD is well established in the clinical literature; it is not conjectured. It has been amply documented and is readily detected by a variety of diagnostic tests.

What’s wrong with Ontario Canada!

First, the relatively small size of private land parcels in Ontario will present a challenge for developers due to the number of stakeholders that may perceive impacts. Windpark development may become uneconomical if municipal setbacks created to address these “perceived” concerns reduce the usable land area, thus eliminating the economics of scale necessary to develop a project.*
*14c) The Industry does not recommend that a set of standard bylaws be adopted with respect to setbacks or other municipal zoning issues.*

*”The above can be understood to mean, that if “safe setbacks” are mandated, it will make it uneconomical to site wind farms in Southern Ontario”

Setbacks in Ashfield township 400 meters

Setbacks in Municipality of Kincardine 350 meters

“Ontario’s strict sound guidelines ensure that turbines are located far enough away from residences .” What Ontario guidelines? Every municipality is left to figure it out for themselves. Chatham Kent: 300 m, Amherstburg 600 m.

Meanwhile worldwide, in countries that have learned from their mistakes, these distances are increasing due to health, quality of life and safety issues (1600 metres in Germany, 1800 metres in Holland).

You should make people aware, Mr. Hornung that CanWEA is lobbying to remove setbacks altogether in southwestern Ontario due to the small land parcels.


Is the Ont. govt. ignoring health issues and the right of property enjoyment for economies of scale. That’s what it sounds like to me. The wind industry is always using the term “perceived” concerns. The concerns that people have are real not “perceived”.

Dalton and Duncan need a reality check. The rights of the people of Ont. are far more important than a bunch of useless windmills.

Germany has more windmills than anyone else. They are building 8 new coal plants because wind isn’t working for them. The Danes don’t want them either, their govt. is forcing them on their people. Why? They have 30.000 people working in the industry.

“We simply cannot continue to lead the world in the field of wind-power technology if we don’t even make room for wind parks in our own country,” Connie Hedegaard, the environment minister for Denmark said“.

Dalton and Dwight or Dumb and Dumber you be the judge


7 Responses to “Wind Turbine Setbacks-UPDATE Sept.11 2007-”

  1. Ron Mattmer Says:

    The problem with setbacks in Ontario is that the WTGS are being sited too close to property lines and homes impacting on neighbour’s safety, health and future land use.

    The WTGs are being sited too close to residences because there is a
    fundamental flaw in how the MOE determines how much noise is emitted by the

    The MOE knows this. The government knows this. They can’t acknowledge this
    because it will be the end of their high density wind farms planned for
    populated rural southern Ontario.

    NR Can found that under certain conditions the WTG by D’Doutremount’s home
    exceeds the nose limits. What are the authorities doing about it?
    Low frequency noise is another issue that they are also in denial about.

    This government is morally bankrupt to expose families to these health hazards. They know full well what they are doing to people getting caught up in these wind farms.

  2. bluerider Says:

    The ontario noise regulations are old and do not comply with modern science.The MOE will be caught in a lie and they are helping the liberals scam the people of this province.Our elected officials must know what they are doing the question is why?money.payola,politics,
    is this worth the destruction of rural ontario.

  3. Sue Bailey Says:

    “(1600 metres in Germany, 1800 metres in Holland)”


    Can anyone tell me the source of these setbacks? Can you point me to a law, ordinance or regulation in Holland or Germany that supports this?

    I need this documentation urgently to give to our town board, so they don’t cave into what the developers want.

    Sue Bailey
    Upstate New York

  4. cindy Says:

    we have 32 wind turbines starting up in dec.’07 – 5 miles from our house – after reading all this – my understanding is the energy is going elsewhere – not to our area — what do I need toexpect??? no one has questioned anything that I am aware of……

  5. Earth Hour - The Scam Continues « Blowing Our Tax Dollars on Wind Farms Says:

    […] Wind Turbine Setbacks-UPDATE Sept.11 200 […]

  6. ben Says:


    I haven’t been able to find a reference for any of these numbers, and it makes any use of them less credible. People keep repeating them, but I’ve never seen any documentation. A study by Jacques Whitford ( shows that German noise guidelines are 35-70 dB(A) at night, which would give a setback of up to 800m depending on technology and terrain, but that’s about the only reference I can find.

  7. George Bedford Says:

    what is the set backs for wtg’s in california????

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