Wind-power project goes quiet for now

From the editor – one pissed off liberal

Is the tide finally turning. The truth is starting to come out about the wind industry. It’s all about the money.

Enbridge has been found guilty of “criminal misconduct” by the Supreme Court for charging its Canadian customers late-payment penalties that exceeded permissible legal interest rate levels.

The Kincardine wind farm will be built and run by Enbridge.

Convicted criminals will control the wind farm, the pipelines bringing the gas and the back-up gas plants. No chance for abuse there.

The McGinty govt. is convinced you, the taxpayers of this province, are stupid.

Prove them wrong this October. Stand up and be counted.

Carol Mitchell MPP and Paul Steckle MP of Huron Bruce will pay for this at the next election. They have failed their constituents miserably and continue to do so by pushing, the soon to fail, Dwight Duncan energy policy.

Epcor should be forced to shut down the Kingsbridge I wind project immediately. Since it’s start-up in March of last year it has caused a multitude of problems for the people living near it. To date Epcor has not addressed any of those concerns.


To all those who are fighting so hard to bring reason and truth into this debate, don’t get discouraged.

In the end the truth will prevail.

Below is the story from the Star

Epcor Utilities Inc. has put on hold its planned Kingsbridge II wind-power project near Goderich and is taking a $20 million charge because of uncertainties in local and provincial approvals.

The energy company, owned by the City of Edmonton, said it is rethinking the 160-megawatt project planned for the south shore of Lake Huron and is ending arrangements with some suppliers.

The company plans to take up to $20 million in charges before tax on its books from its moves.

Epcor said it will continue to operate its Kingsbridge I wind project, which was commissioned last year.

3 Responses to “Wind-power project goes quiet for now”

  1. bluerider Says:

    Epcor should start planning on taking down the entire project.There was no planning and this is going to cost them dearly.

  2. M. Anderson Says:

    Just my thought for the day……

    “The biggest men and women with the biggest ideas can be
    shot down by the smallest men and women with the smallest
    minds. Think big anyway” Yes, in the end the truth will prevail.

  3. Molly Thacker Says:

    Evergreen, which wants to build a 38 turbin wind farm on Stetson Mt. Maine was sued by SURPLEC out of Canada for over 300,000 . They bought a transformer and then didn’t pay for it. They never met the legal Maine noise decible levels in Mars Hill.There are some miserable people in that town suffering from the noise. Maine has given them the green light despite the fact that they are criminals and had rather lie than tell the truth. They are planning on building them all over the place.

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