From worst to first in wind generation

From worst to first in wind generation

Greenhouse gases up 90% from coal stations

Feb. 1.Climate change is real. It’s a serious concern to Canadians and it’s great to see these issues becoming more prominent in recent media coverage. The study by the Ontario Clean Air Alliance points to mismanagement and poor planning by the former Conservative government between 1995 and 2002.That government did not invest in clean, green power. Instead, it belched out more power from dirty coal plants. Under their watch, emissions rose by more than 125 per cent.The McGuinty government brings a different approach. In three years, we have reduced Ontario’s reliance on coal plants by more than 32 per cent. We’ve gone from worst to first when it comes to wind generation.And we’ve invested in new province-wide energy conservation programs that are producing results – and that means cleaner air for all of us.While so many other jurisdictions are expanding their reliance on coal, we’re reducing ours. Ontario stands as the only jurisdiction in the world not building more coal-fire generation, but phasing it out.
Duncan and McGuinty still don’t get it. Even the UK is backing off on-shore wind.

“Power cut for clean energy
A scheme designed to encourage the use of renewable electricity sources is set to be ditched amid claims it is expensive and inefficient. So how can Britain’s fight against climate change be resuscitated?
By Tim Webb
Published: 28 January 2007
And now, the Renewables Obligation scheme, enshrined on April Fools’ Day 2002, looks set to be abandoned.Ofgem wants the scheme, which is being reviewed by the Government in its current Energy Review (to be published in April), scrapped.”

No country has ever proved any significant emission reduction with wind. Why are countries like Germany going back to coal?
They need reliable power. Wind can’t do the job. Wind farms, on the other hand, have caused many problems for people living near them, and have also cost jobs because of high electrical costs. Duncan and McGuinty have no excuse, other than stupidity. Instead of doing what the lobby groups wanted, and that includes David Suzuki, they should have investigated wind energy and it’s problems in other countries. We all want clean energy, but it has to work and be cost effective.

David Suzuki was always a kind of hero of mine. He is however, way off base promoting wind farms. Wind was and still is workable to power a house or cottage off grid. Wind was never designed to power the grid.

We’ll eliminate coal as quickly as we can, and replace it with gas, which is extremely price sensitive, balanced with the need to ensure a continued, reliable supply of electricity. Not

Dwight give it up. Your energy plan is a failure. Face the facts

Dwight Duncan, Ontario Minister of Energy, Queen’s Park

One Response to “From worst to first in wind generation”

  1. Ron Mattmer Says:

    Is energy minister Duncan sincere about climate change? Is he ready to personally take up the 5 ton challenge? Voters are not going to fall for his blame game. We were promised the coal plants would be shut down by 2007. Then it was by 2009 and now the plants will be needed until 2015 and Duncan won’t put pollution controls on all the units. Coal emissions rose in the late 90’s because 7 nukes were shutdown. The Liberals merrily went along with that $10 billion defrauding. We can go back up to the nuke bashing by the Peterson Liberals that cost Ontario another $5 billion and the hatchet job Maurice Strong did to Hydro’s nuclear division. Now we have another Liberal buddy running the Ontario Power Authority. Get ready for another fleecing. At note to the Greens: Be aware of corporate robbers disguised as green socialists.

    The McGuinty government inherited 141 recommendations from the Select Committee on Alternative Fuels. One was to reduce fossil fuel consumption. What did the Liberals do? They contracted 4000 MWs of polluting gas burners. The natural gas plants still spew half the emission of the old coal plants and emit other nasties. The plan is to build twice as many gas plants as the coal plants. You do the math. Any meaningful reductions in emissions are as a result of the refurbished nukes coming back on line. And that’s no credit to Duncan & Co who would rather see Ontario’s reliance on nukes reduced. The Ontario Clean Air Alliance are nuke bashers that help Duncan sell the spin. Jack Gibbons, Chair of the Ontario Clean Air Alliance says “The Goreway natural gas fired power plant in Brampton protects public health. ” The Gore plant will kill 15 people a year and cause hundreds of respiratory illnesses leading to additional premature deaths.

    Five years ago the British passed a law to replace coal power by wind. Britain’s energy regulator now wants the scheme scrapped because it has cost consumers $billions and “Worse still, the emissions savings delivered are small and almost unbelievably expensive.” Other country’s are building clean coal and nuclear. But Dwight Duncan insists on committing Ontario to wind power backed up mostly by gas. Why, if emissions savings are small and unbelievably expensive? People living along Lake Huron experience some of the worst smog days in the country. Under Duncan’s plan, NOX emissions will increase meanwhile adding to the smog problem. Smog costs Ontario $10 billion/yr and kills 5000 Ontarians per year. Duncan’s energy policy is criminal.

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