'Enronization' of energy

This article should wake up everyone regardless of which province or state you live in. The Enronization’ of energy must be stopped. This is not just about hydro power in BC, but all forms of electrical generation.

British Columbians in dark about ‘Enronization’ of energy

By Geoff Olson
Vancouver Courier
Friday, October 20, 2006

Once upon a time the rodeo capitalism of Enron could do no wrong-until 2000, when well-coifed clowns from the Houston-based energy trading company rode a bull market into the stands and scattered the rubes.

Enron may have collapsed in a heap of cooked books, but Squamish area rancher Tom Rankin insists that its business template for energy markets lingers, and that we’re being softened up for the “Enronization” of B.C.’s greatest public asset, our waterways. With the North American electricity industry being restructured to serve the U.S. market, he predicts things will end badly for British Columbian taxpayers, unless we put a stop to private purchase agreements for hydroelectric developments on hundreds of our

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