Duncan wants more wind energy

Duncan said he intends to cut back on the need for nuclear power and wants to harness more wind energy. “Nuclear as a percentage of our overall supply is going to go down under our plan from 50 to 41 per cent,” Duncan said.
“We’re going to maximize wind power, we’re going to work with our communities, with First Nations, to ensure everybody shares in the benefit and everybody understands the benefits.”

Dalton and Dwight should be in jail for wasting your tax dollars on their stupid wind dream. Only an idiot or a fool would allow himself to be conned into thinking that wind will power Ont. Add the high cost of natural gas along with the tight supply, plus the huge subsides paid to the wind companies and you have a recipe for economic disaster. Two clowns chasing the green vote regardless of the cost to you or society.

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3 Responses to “Duncan wants more wind energy”

  1. Ron Mattmer Says:

    So Dunky Duncan wants to reduce reliance on nuclear by building wind farms. Meanwhile Ontario’s reduction in GHGs can be attributed to refurbished nuclear units coming on-line. To prepare for the break-up and privatization of Ontario Hydro, 7 nuclear reactor units were idled by 1997. Coal power production was increased to make up for the lost nuclear generation. Had complete up-to-date emission controls been installed on all the coal units by 2000, Ontario would have prevented $12.5 billion in health and environmental damages including 3850 premature deaths. The emission controls would have paid for themselves in NINE MONTHS. Instead the Ontario government procured ~400 MWs of inefficient wind generation at a cost of $2.5 billion.

    Gas plants are being built to reduce reliance on coal and back-up the wind farms. Individual gas plants don’t cause a significant increase in air pollutants because the air is already so polluted. Canada’s proposed air quality objective for fine particulate mater (PM2.5) will be twice that of the US EPA. Had Ontario adopted the US EPA standard, Ontario wouldn’t be building natural gas power plants at the Toronto waterfront, in Brampton and in Mississauga. There is no safe threshold for PM. It’s just a matter of how may people we are prepared to make ill and kill.

    Nuclear would save Ontario $945 million annually in social, environmental and avoidance costs vs. wind backed up by gas. Financial costs would be $2,650 million less per year for nuclear. Whey then did the Energy Minister issue a directive to replace base load nuclear generation with a wind-gas energy mix?

    Meanwhile, Ontario will need to run the coal plants until 2014 without having installed emission controls on all the coal units. Why has Ontario invested in wind farms instead of emission controls? Ontarian’s should be concerned that the Americans who are responsible for 60% of Ontario’s pollution are following Dunky’s lead.

  2. bluerider Says:

    D duncan is not an energy man.How can he keep thinking that wind power is going to save us?Why does he not clean up the coal or create more nuclear. We need baseload in this climate not unreliable wind.His plans for wind is to set up gas to cover the shortfall.Smog is the biggest problem in Ontario and this man is going to poison us with more gas power.Does he not realize that the gas still creates pollution even if there is some wind.Wind has never closed a coal plant in the world it has only increased the number of non-renewable energy plants.
    Duncan changes his plan almost every week.Mcguinty says he got some bad advice.These two are an accident waiting to happen.But the problem is they are destroying Ontario as we speak.

  3. john gurnham Says:

    The Ontario electorate should wake up and demand that anything as important to our Province’s future as a rliable and affordable electrical supply should be taken out of the hands of all politicians such as Rae-Peterson- Harris -McGuinty et al and let professionals make the necessary decisions.

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