David Suzuki isn't so green after all


Political activist David Suzuki — on a cross-country tour urging Canadians and politicians to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions — may want to look in his own backyard before lecturing Canadians on how they’re destroying the Earth.

With all the alternative-energy modes of transportation out there, Suzuki and his entourage are crossing Canada in a sprawling, “rock-star-style” diesel-burning tour bus, emitting more greenhouse gases during his 30-day tour than many of us do in a year.

That’s right. Mr. Kyoto isn’t so green after all.

“It’s diesel,” Jason Curan, a media staff member on the Suzuki tour told Sun Media yesterday. “It’s a tour bus — kind of like a rock-star tour bus.”

You know, one of those big-ass, diesel-guzzling, carbon-spewing beasts?

Suzuki seems confused about how pollution actually works. He claims that his trip across Canada in a diesel bus is carbon neutral, because he is going to buy carbon credits. You can buy all the carbon credits you want David. The fact is you chose to travel in an emission spewing bus and that pollution ended up in Canada. Carbon credits are nothing more than an accounting system for polluters. The wind farms are a perfect example. The companies building the wind farms are building them for the carbon credits to put against their fossil fuel businesses. Polluting the same or more, but on paper they look like good corporate citizens.

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winnipegsun.com – Tom Brodbeck – Eco-icon not so green

“The David Suzuki Foundation also received donations from EnCana Corporation, a world leader in natural gas production and oil sands development, ATCO Gas, Alberta’s principle distributor of natural gas, and a number of pension funds including the OPG (Ontario Power Generation) Employees’ and Pensioners’ Charity Trust. OPG is one of the largest suppliers of electricity in the world operating 5 fossil fuel-burning generation plants and 3 nuclear plants… which begs the question – is Suzuki now pro-nuclear power?” Institute for Canadian Values

3 Responses to “David Suzuki isn't so green after all”

  1. bluerider Says:

    suzuki sold out a long time ago.He is a complete hypocrit.Just like Gore they will have us beleiving we can pollute as long as we buy carbon credits.How stupid do they think we are?

  2. Edward Griffin Says:

    I don’t know who Tom Brodbeck is, but he sounds like a “Lord” Conrad Black “his former BOSS” fan to me. How did you expect him to get from one place to the other?? Fly?? Good use of fossil fuels there, not to mention putting the greenhouse gases at the 35,000 foot level. Those diesel guzzling coaches still burn less than the trucks to deliver all our consumables,(like your newspaper which released countless tons of carbon from the trees used to produce it!) Give the guy a break. You should live so green.

  3. Stephanie Says:

    David Suzuki has dedicated his life to ensuring that the general public is informed about what is going on out there. How do you expect him to travel across Canada in an efficient method…bike? For the amount of people on the tour, a tour bus was actually a smart idea. Also, at least he is buying carbon credits, he could just be preaching and not acting at all like every single politician you have ever listened to. Why is it that we pick on the people who are actually doing right in this world. David Suzuki has changed my views on things in many many ways and has helped me to reduce my carbon footprint. How is that wrong? Why don’t you pick on someone who actually deserves it like the Canadian Government, for example, who aren’t doing a damn thing to help out, in any way. All they care about it the economy and how it might slightly be affected. Get a hold of yourself. Open up your eyes and realize that we should be worrying about more important things than the carbon emissions from probably one of the most sustainable people in the world.
    Ohhh and just before I forget, I attended a lecture by David Suzuki a couple of weeks ago and he directly stated that buying carbon credits does not in any way solve our carbon problem. He doesn’t think you are dumb, even though I do.

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