400 MW of Wind Capacity Produces O MW of Power

At noon today I checked how much power was being produced by the wind farms in Ontario. The govt. has this idea that if they spread the wind farms around the province wind farms will produce power. Their logic is that it has to be windy somewhere. Port Burwell = O MW Kingsbridge l = O MW Amaranth = O MW and last but not least Princefarm = O MW. Lets add that up now. 400 plus MW of wind capacity producing O MW of power at noon today.

Mr. Dwight Duncan our esteemed Energy Minster wants more wind power. Maybe it’s time Duncan and McGuinty had a brain scan. I think most of the wind in Ontario is blowing around between their ears.

Time to wake up people.

Time to raise a little hell………….or you can do nothing, but please don’t bitch and complain when your hydro bills go through the roof. This province doesn’t belong to McGuinty, Duncan or the wind industry, it belongs to you. Please act accordingly.

Remember when Bush said he knew what he was doing in Iraq. McGuinty and Duncan have ignored all the advice from the experts to follow their green dream and if it’s not stopped it is going to cost you and your children dearly.

Send an e-mail, write a letter or make a phone call.

If you own a plane a little sky writing might be a nice touch.

Get active!

There’s nothing on TV anyway

I am your Energy minister and I want more wind


or do I just have Gas

3 Responses to “400 MW of Wind Capacity Produces O MW of Power”

  1. Ron Mattmer Says:

    During the last election we were promised that Ontario’s coal plants would be shut down by 2007. Then it was by 2009 and now the plants will be needed until 2015! How could Dwight Duncan get it so wrong? Was he sold a false bill of goods by the Canadian Wind Energy association?

    Duncan’s latest plan to “allow us to allow us to get out of coal with more certainty” is to spend $2.5 billion on a 1000 mile power line from northern Manitoba to Sudbury and $5 billion – on a 1,250-megawatt dam on the Nelson River. How did he think we were going to shut down coal in the first place when the Liberals made their election promise?
    Duncan must be the poster boy of the Corporate Knights.


    Meanwhile American states a lot closer to Manitoba keep running old coal plants and we get their pollution in Southern Ontario. Manitoba can sell them the power. There would be less power wasted as heat along the transmission lines. For $7.5 billion Ontario can build twice the capacity in nuclear generation near the loads that need the power. This latest plan of Dwight Duncan’s might make the robber barons happy but it makes no sense re. the environment and costs to Ontario electricity consumers. Beware of robber barons disguised in “green” camouflage.

  2. Ron Mattmer Says:

    The city of Springfield Illinois runs its own electrical utility. The utility can buy wind energy for $48.00 CAN per Mega Watt-hour. The price increases 4% per year. Presently, Ontario pays $110 for a MW-hr of wind energy and an extra $35 for a MW-hr produced at peak time. The base price gets adjusted for inflation. In twenty years from now, Springfield will still be paying less for wind energy than Ontario pays today. Some wind developers are receiving grants of $360,000 from the Ministry of Agriculture. No wonder the Tar Sands players SUNCOR, TransAlta, Enbridge and EPCOR have come to Ontario to cash in on the wind bonanza.
    What do Ontarians receive for the $50 per MW-hr price premium they pay for wind energy? Unreliable power that needs to be backed up by pollution spewing gas plants operated by the pipeline companies who also happen to own wind farms. Since the advent of Canada’s CANDU reactors, the Federal government has spent an average $10 per MW-hr to develop the reactors. The money went back into Ontario’s economy, not into the pockets of wind developers and foreign wind turbine manufacturers. The CANDUs provided Ontario’s industry with cheap reliable energy. What went wrong with Ontario’s nuclear program? The politicians played politics and delayed construction of the Darlington station, costing us $billions. The politicians then prepared Ontario Hydro for privatization. They cut nuclear to the bone. When the nuclear plants could no longer be run reliably with the remaining few resources, 7 reactors had to be shutdown. The power imports and environmental damages from running the coal plants cost Ontario over
    $20 billion. Instead of putting up-to-date pollution controls on the coal plants, Ontario built wind farms. In 2006, the coal plants caused $3.3 billion in health and environmental damages.
    Who do you blame for what happened to Ontario’s nuclear program -the technology or the government? The French produce 80% of their electricity from nuclear. The Germans are building new coal plants and plan to build more nuclear plants after the next election. The Chinese build a coal plant every two weeks. Supplying Ontario’s energy from wind backed up
    by natural gas plants is neither economical nor sustainable. Nor will it save the planet. Meanwhile, the politicians are tripping over each other trying to look “green”.

  3. Colette McLean Says:

    I am southwestern Ontario farmer that is being approached by a wind developer to lease land.
    I have a meeting with our area MP and wish to advise him of your comments. I need to have however, the location of where you received your information. Can you help me out?

    Many Thanks

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