The Great Global Warming Swindle

The full documentary from Channel 4 in the U.K. (1 hour 15 min)

This video is important. It should be required viewing for everyone who has seen Al Gore’s film. It should be included in the curriculum in all schools and broadcast on the CBC to all Canadians. The more you read and see the better your education on any subject. In the end it is you that must make your own decision. Get some popcorn and enjoy the movie.


7 Responses to “The Great Global Warming Swindle”

  1. Psymon Peers Says:

    Read Michel chritron (spelling may be wrong), his novels are fiction based on fact and he is, i believe, that there is a lot more fear mongering going on than we are lead to beleive.

  2. Ron Mattmer Says:

    Two issues that need to be addressed by energy policy are
    • National Security .
    • Competitiveness of our industry.
    Now we have this herring –climate change thrown in by the greens. Even the IPCC says that the science isn’t exact – that its a 9 out of 10 chance that human activity is causing climate change. How do we find a balanced solution? By running around crying the sky is falling? By advocating for massive changes to our society and the re-tooling of our industry-not knowing if the changes are workable or will be effective or the costs? Meanwhile the Chinese and Indians aren’t heeding the call. How does moving the factories and jobs to their shores address the issues? The Chinese are building a new coal plant every two weeks. Despite all the talk of going green, the Germans are building new coal plants. Germans have wasted a pile of money on green schemes. After they turf out the Greens during the next election, they will be building nukes. They are at a competitive disadvantage as long as we don’t engage in a similar wasteful exercise like they have. They want to fuel their economy by selling their green merchandise to the rest of us. If the European public are into self-immolation, that’s their choice. Putting us in dark freezing igloos won’t achieve the 80% cut in green house gas emissions needed to save the planet. Nor will wind farms backed up by fossil fuel plants. Not with the third world development that is taking place. Priority one is to stop wasting energy by wasteful activity and wasteful consumption. If our industry is more efficient than theirs, does it make sense to send the factories overseas, send our resources over and ship the manufactured goods back home because of some national cap on green house gases? That’s what the greens want. A cap should be put on each unit that is produced regardless of where it is produced. Let’s get move beyond the feel good chanting and symbolic displays. The costs in economical, social and environmental terms of the energy options can be quantified. The exercise comes down to coming up with the best fit of the available options in each region as part of the whole continent while looking 50 years down the road. We shouldn’t let the background noise of the green Chicken Littles distract us from the task.

  3. Cord Theseeker Says:

    But this film is misleading in itself. See the following article:

    I wonder who is trying to get us to keep consuming stuff…

  4. Ron Mattmer Says:

    Gord hit the nail right on the head. When a VP of Enbridge said on local radio that the Prime Minister isn’t doing enough on global warming, the sirens went off. The energy companies haven’t converted to making the planet green. This is about their bottom line. Enbridge pumps in the gas to back up the windfarms that they and other tar sands players are building in Ontario. Despite what the greens are saying, wind will only ever deliver 10% of the electrical energy supply. To replace conventional power generation with wind would take 4 times the nameplate capacity of wind plus storage. That’s $10 million per effective Mega Watt. Considering the cost of reserve power and gov’t subsidies, wind now costs three times the going rate of wholesale electricity. Conservation would save us 10 times more but energy companies don’t profit when we conserve. Ontario will be burning gas for most of the energy that we were promised wind will deliver. Money doesn’t grow in trees. There is a real price to pay and there are real consequences. The planet will suffer as we cut down more forests, dig out more ore, pump out more fuel and build more factories to pay for the mounting cost of the $45 trillion debt. The world’s poor will suffer more as inflation drives prices up. Poor Mexicans can’t afford corn for tortillas. Think about what you wish for. When it comes to spending money, government is happy to oblige because people are made to run faster on the economic treadmill.

  5. robin Says:

    Actually, the IPCC states that human-induced climate change is no longer in question – “Global atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide have increased markedly as a result of human activities since 1750 and now far exceed pre-industrial values determined from ice cores spanning many thousands of years. The global increases in carbon dioxide concentration are due primarily to fossil fuel use and land use change, while those of methane and nitrous oxide are primarily due to agriculture.” (
    Have a look for yourself.
    And, manufacturing overseas is not done because of caps on ghg emissions. In fact, labour costs are overly cheap and environmental standards are often non-existent in many less developed countries, including India and China, and they have been for decades. Industry builds factories and sends raw resources overseas to maximize profit and they can do it because of free trade, not ghg emissions.
    And, no one is claiming that wind energy will provide all our electricity or anything close to it. It is however, an efficient energy source with a free fuel supply. If you’re going to talk subsidies the real culprit is the oil and gas industry. “Estimated federal tax subsidies to the oil and gas sector are $1.4 billion per year, based on the latest available data.[…] In the period, 1996-2002 these tax subsidies amounted to a staggering $8 billion. Between 1990 and 2003 Canada’s GHG emissions increased by 24%, with a significant part of the increase attributable to the oil and gas industry.”
    Again, have a look for yourself. (If you can’t access that link simply go to and search “oil and gas subsidies”.)

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Al Gore stands to become very rich with a carbon tax. He is ready to collect this money thru the carbon tax company he owns and is ceo; Geration Investment Management

  7. Rodney Dierking Says: evaluated the IPCC report and concluded that their is no science backing the IPCC methods and lacks any credibilty. Also Al Gore would get very rich thru carbon taxes as he owns and is president of his own carbon tax company; Generation Investment Management.

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