Boycott Silk Soy Milk


Silk soy milk is probably a very good product.

The problem is they have crossed the line with their marketing strategy.


Each Green Tag that you buy prevents the emissions of approximately 1,400 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions — the equivalent of not driving your car for six weeks!

This is not true. Wind requires backup from other forms of energy, usually from fossil fuels. Nowhere in the world is there any documented proof of substantial emission reductions because of the use of wind energy.

The only way you can prevent the greenhouse emissions equivalent to not driving your car for six weeks, is to not drive your car for six weeks. Period.

This is nothing more than a hustle for your money sponsored in part by the American Wind Industry

Stupid people spend their hard earned money on “Green Tags”

Don’t be stupid- Save your money. You are going to need it to pay for the huge increases in your electrical bills caused mainly by the misguided belief that wind farms are going to save the world.

Before you encourage any more wind development  read a few letters from people who have had their lives ruined by wind farms.

Please contact Silk Soy Milk Canada and let your views be known, or contact the parent company, White Wave Food Company 

If you don’t help discourage this dishonest  marketing now you will only encourage other companies to follow their misguided lead.

By Ron Stephens

Blowing our Tax Dollars

7 Responses to “Boycott Silk Soy Milk”

  1. bridget Says:

    Silk is right. You are being dishonest about this. Replacing 50% [or any other greater amount] of energy generated by fossil fuels with energy generated by wind power will significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

    The other 50% will need backup power which may come from fossil fuels, or from water, or sun, or nuclear power plants. The final result is still a reduction in the amount of greenhouse gases produced from generating electricity.

    There may be other reasons to object to wind farms–noise, possible danger to wildlife–but encouraging the boycott of an excellent company on false pretenses is wrong. Sounds like misguided phony conservatism at it’s worst.

  2. Brian Says:

    Bridget is right. It goes back to the old saying, “A penny saved is a penny earned.”

    While wind energy will not replace the total use of fossil fuel power generation, it will help minimize the amount of fossil fuel consumed in the long run. This does not happen over night though.

    I believe that your logic is flawed. The electrical system can not produce more power than is demanded at a certain point in time. For every kilowatt of energy produced by wind energy, that is 1 less kilowatt of energy produced by the means of consuming fossil fuels.

    If 20% of the power generated came from wind energy, that would equate to slightly less than a 20% drop in fossil fuel consumed. Less fossil fuel consumed equals less green house gas emissions.

  3. JJ Says:

    You cannot be this stupid.

  4. Miss Amanda Says:

    You’re all focusing on the wrong thing. Soy milk is full of toxins and has tons of estrogen in it. It’s delicious, but the risks associated with unfermented soy far out-weigh the benefits. Just Google unfermented soy, or soy dangers, and you’ll see.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I believe your oppinions are just that and that the information is the same old attempts to block any move to free us from the tieraney of the oil cartels both forign and domestic. Another words GO AL GORE AND SILK GREEN CAPS our children need to get free of the same old untrue scare tactics of people like you and your sponsors

  6. harmless4life Says:

    Excuse me… but I generally don’t buy me Soy Milk for its green tags, so why should I boycott? If the main reason you are buying this brand over others is its “green policy” then sure boycott. However, that isn’t the main benefit. As others have pointed out, I am not certain that their ads are even false. I have yet to be convinced of global warming besides. I’m doing a post on it soon, so I’ll save that little rant till then.

  7. Mad Bluebird Says:

    Wind turbines are bird killers whats this soy freaks blabbering about i mean i have sen some of these wind turbines but theyr were never ever working

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