OMB Hearing Starts in Kincardine Ontario(updated July 19th)

“The People” vs the Municipality of Kincardine, the Ontario Government and Enbridge.

A small group of landowners are in for the fight of their lives. It has been said that this hearing will set the stage for the future of wind farm development in Ontario.

Today was the first day of the hearing and most of the day was spent figuring out process and time lines. Over the next seven or eight weeks testimony will be heard from people in Ontario and Nova Scotia who have had their lives ruined by the wind turbines near their homes. Setbacks will be questioned as well as noise levels. This small group of people is fighting not just for themselves, but for everyone who is threatened by a wind farm in their neighborhood.

Home of Daniel d’Etremont
click for larger view

The d’Etremont family of Nova Scotia was driven from their home by the wind turbines. A special thanks to Daniel for making the trip to the OMB hearing in Kincardine Ont. to share his story, in the hope that what happened to his family won’t be repeated.

Update 1 May 15th

Update 2 May 15th

Update 3 May 15th

Update 4 May 29th

Update 5 May 29th

OMB Decision Filed July 16th 2007-A very bad day for the people of Ontario. Everybody must continue too fight this McGuntiy Govt. and their ridiculous energy policy.


Kingsbridge l wind farm

Kingsbridge l wind farm just north of Goderich Ontario

If you followed the wind farm saga you will know that the story is the same everywhere in the world. Agents show up at the door of farmers or rural landowners offering money for their help to create clean renewable energy for the future of the county and their children. Before they know it they have signed a lease for up to twenty years.

Next get the local politicians involved and tell them how a wind farm in their area will create lots of high paying jobs and be a great source of tax dollars.

The last to find out are the people who will be affected by the wind farm. Both the politicians and the wind company assure the people that there will be no problems.

A little research and people are alerted to all kinds of negative effects like noise, flicker, sleep disturbance and property devaluation.

They go to council with their research in hand but it is ignored. They are again assured there will be no problems and that having a wind farm will create jobs, tax dollars and help solve the global warming problem. At this point peoples lives are put on hold while they continue to try and convince their council to look at the well documented problems that can and do occur. Most times they leave shaking their heads and wondering why their council can’t see the obvious.

It’s about the money and they are more than prepared to sacrifice you and your property to get it

The real truth about wind farms and wind energy is quite simple

. Take most anything they tell you and flip it 180 degrees and you have the truth

A wind farm in your area will creates lots of high paying jobs. Flip that statement 180 degrees and you have the truth.

Wind turbines are quiet. Flip that statement 180 degrees and you have the truth.

You get the idea.

So for the next seven or eight weeks they are going to fight this fight and they intend to win.

To all those fighting the scourge of wind farms around the globe, Don’t Ever Give Up.Your support is appreciated

Ron Stephens

Blowing Our Tax Dollars

7 Responses to “OMB Hearing Starts in Kincardine Ontario(updated July 19th)”

  1. Jeff Brannan Says:

    Do Not let them tell you that all of those electrical structures are necessary.That is BS.

    (Quote) By using ACCC, PacifiCorp was able to save the material and labor cost of
    replacing 143 structures. Conventional conductor would have required
    replacement of 150 structures;
    ACCC Cable made it possible to re-conductor while replacing only 7 structures. …… 1-940-455-7450 ask for Andy Lockhar or sales for ACCC Cable

    This cable is your answer … far fewer structures and twice the conductivity.
    Composite Tech Cable.

    I hope this helps keep the corps. and politicians honest!

    Jeff Brannan

  2. Mike Says:

    Been there, doing that. We’re with you.
    Mike ( SW England )

  3. Moe Anderson Says:

    You all should be commended for taking on this battle. We’re cheering you on down here in Essex County. The PITBY’s (Put it in THEIR back yard) are now realizing they have to finally have some social and environmental accountability.

  4. S.K. Morgan Says:

    Hi Ron:
    As a taxpayer of Kincardine Township, could
    you send me more info on the discusstion of
    the Omb hearing in Kincardine. Since I live and
    work in Toronto.

  5. Anne-Marie Says:

    Hi Ron:We are 100% behind you.When you win,then we all will win. On last night’s news I saw the piece about the case and it was followed by Dalton M.saying they now have to look at building 8 more nuclear plants.I guess they just realized wind developments are just not going to produce enough electricity on their own.Or should I say they are just admitting it’s all been a farce. Anne-Marie

  6. kym Says:

    i find it funny how all of the comments are on
    the opposing side of the wind farms. From
    somebody who lives, works and farms in kincardine township
    i think they are alot better idea then another
    nuculear plant. but i don’t expect to see any po
    positive comments on this site

  7. andy robinson Says:

    May 23/07
    Recent developments at the OMB in Kincardine have proven very interesting.
    The team of Dr.Young and Mr. Coulter anoise expert have completed their own analysis in the region of the van den Berg effect.
    Dr. Young has proven the sheer factors do exist with extremely high ratios for the area.Corelating this evidence on wind sheer Mr. Coulter was able to prove that the noise levels will exceed the MOE guidlines.
    The MOE however disagree without any scientific evidence.
    A recent letter from Minister Laural Broten has stated they are now looking into the van den berg effect.
    Why are they not using it now?
    Why is our gov’t abusing the people of Ontario.
    We know that Mcguinty is handing out wind contracts to his political buddies.
    Ex- premeire David Peterson signed a 360 million deal with Quebec hydro and another 160 million with Mcguinty.
    What other deals are being m,ade.
    Why is our gov’t blatantly ripping us off?

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