OMB Hearing – Decision Issued July 16th

From the Editor

I have just finished reading the OMB judgment for the Enbridge wind farm in Kincardine. My take on the Judgment goes like this. One man who knows nothing about the wind industry is charged with listening to testimony from both sides and making a judgment. Even though people testified about the problems they are experiencing from the wind farms near their homes, their testimony was dismissed because it is a different wind farm. Two separate engineering reports by the wind industry state that any turbine within 1000 meters will have a negative affect, I can find no reference to these reports in the decision. Makes no sense. Elizabeth May of the Green party who is a big promoter of green energy sides with Anne Murray when it comes to the siting of wind farms near homes. Not the OMB. The question that needs to be answered is, does the the OMB have any power to force changes or is it just a rubber stamp. The chair states that the Enbridge wind farm conforms to the MOE and Bruce County guidelines. It does not however conform to the guidelines set out by the WHO.

Tell your Liberal MPP what you think.

Here is another story of a family run out of their homes

On July 20, 2007 Ruth & I decided to drive from the Gulf Shore to Elmira, which is on the northeastern tip of PEI, to visit with Dwayne Bailey and his father, Kevin, and view the new local wind farm. Both abandoned their lifelong homes because they could not tolerate the noise from this facility.

The OMB gives no weight to these events, and the govt just denies there is a problem.

When I get some time I will post the entire decision and you can decide if the judgment was correct and in the best interest of the public.

A very bad day for the people of Ontario. Everybody must continue too fight this McGuinty Govt. and their ridiculous energy policy. The corporations didn’t care about polluting the world and they don’t give a damn about saving the world. They care about the money and that’s all they care about.

To all those fighting wind farms and any other stupid govt. policy around the world. Keep fighting. You are heroes of the common man

Tell your Liberal MPP what you think.

5 Responses to “OMB Hearing – Decision Issued July 16th”

  1. Happy Environmental Enginner Says:

    You are not the heroes of the common man, but rather the sore losers of an irrational fight against one of the only environmentally sound and sustainable energy technologies around. Good on you Enbridge for sticking it out! At the end of the day, Ontario gets to keep its lights on and the McGuinty government is able to deliver on its promise to producing electricity in a non-polluting fashion. Let all the anti-wind propaganda that your organization spews be thwarted by sound reason, good science and good politics. At the end of the day, you, the people who say that you were campaigning for the environment and the good of the public will actually get your wish! Now thousands of tons of CO2 and asthma inducing smog will be avoided, directly benefiting you, and your families at only the price of having to look at a few modern sculptures, true representations of sustainable development.

    If you want to take up a just fight, turn your attention to the nuclear waste incinerator in your own back yards! I’m sure that none of you are even aware that it exists, and that just over a decade ago, intermediate and low level radioactive waste was burned in open pits! If you want to be in good health, consider getting your vegetables grown in your backyard checked for organically bound Tritium, cause of cancer and birth defects, released in copious amounts from the operation of none other than your employer, the Bruce Nuclear Power Development! Enjoy those ripe tomatoes, as the beta-particle decay of the tritium rapidly spews free radicals into your cells, punching holes in their membranes and disrupting your DNA! Long live Douglas Point, the future site of ALL of Ontario’s radioactive waste! Now opposition to this (the deep geological repository) would be a noble cause!

  2. matt Says:

    wind energy is ridiculous. and trust me, this is coming from someone who is deeply committed to living in a healthy and just world. it’s just that people always talk about energy alternatives, without seriously questioning the need for the electricity in the first place. i understand economic arguments can hold water within a certain framework, but ultimately, and i’m talking long-term, way more than seven generations, no industrial operations are actually sustainable.
    true, wind energy does not produce as much poison as coal. but what does the energy go towards? in canada, 1/3 goes towards industry, 1/3 goes towards industrial agriculture, and 1/3 goes towards residential. the first two aren’t sustainable, and in the residential sector, most of the appliances that use energy aren’t really necessary. all this shit about alternative energy just goes to maintain what is at the core a destructive way to live on the earth. we need to get off the grid.
    another big point is that enbridge is huge into oil and natural gas production. the president and ceo is on the board of directors of encana, one of the world’s biggest oil and natural gas producers. through and through they are all tied up in alberta’s athabasca tar sands, which is incredibly destructive. it is also a full-on colonialist project that is thoroughly toxifying the local native communities, who are now dying off of cancer and suicide. just a bad direction to go in all around.
    enbridge is in it for the money. and big money it is.
    everyone always talks about how many homes can be powered with this or that number of wind turbines, but in most operations, the wind energy just goes to fuel oil exploration and big industrial projects. that may not be the case with the bruce county project, but all of enbridge’s other wind projects go to power their oil exploration or big government offices.
    the whole thing is just bad news. once again, we need to get off the grid.
    this comes from a young person who recognizes my future is very very dismal given the propensity for collapse.

  3. Al W Says:

    “1/3 goes towards industry, 1/3 goes towards industrial agriculture, and 1/3 goes towards residential. the first two aren’t sustainable, and in the residential sector, most of the appliances that use energy aren’t really necessary”

    The point is to make industry and agriculture sustainable. Given that the bulk of North Americans live in urban settings we really don’t have a choice. We can’t all get off the grid as you suggest.

    As for energy consuming appliances not being necessary….I’m open to suggestions about how to heat and cool my home without energy.

    Finally, oil and gas exploration will continue with or without capital input from wind power.

  4. a robinson Says:

    Spewing anti-wind propaganda!Thats a bold statement for someone who has just read the facts or have they?
    We all know that a wind generator connected to an isolated situation works 100%.Example powering your batteries so that energy is saved and used as needed.
    Wind power on to the grid is nothing more than false hopes and high profits for wind investors.
    The almighty ENRON the large gas company of america devised the idea of commercial wind in Europe more than 30 years ago.Just another one of their many scams.
    This plan was so brilliant that the energy companies of today continue to run with it.
    Politicians look good promoting renewables,their buddies make huge subsidized profits and at the end of the day the gas companies sell more natural gas to make the commercial wind look as though it works.
    Ask yourself,why didn’t we have wind power along time ago?
    Well one reason is the players had to deregulate power in the province(Maurice Strong)then sign up leaseholders about 6 years ago and then have all the ministry,county and municipal and provincial laws changed to meet their objectives.
    Ask Suncor why they cut down 2 miles of mature trees for their wind power lines even before the ontario energy board issued them permits.
    Ask Epcor if they are using the carbon credits from their wind farm to offset the pollution from their new Alberta coal plant that they forgot to put scrubbers on.
    Ask Mcguinty why he gives money to Stelco to stop burning gas and go to coal.They stated they will save 28 million a year.
    Does it make sense for him to shut down coal generation in the province and go to expensive gas.
    We all know that gas runs the commercial wind projects because its the only power supply that can be ramped quickly.
    Will gas be our main choice?
    Why does the Ontario power authority state our energy mix in 2020 will be 50% nuclear and 50% renewables?Did they forget about all the gas or are they lying to us?Maybe they plan on flooding all of Ontario.
    Our government is irresponsible and they cannot explain any of their actions.
    It is time to tell the truth.

  5. Maximus Says:

    I would like to see a continuation of the topic

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