Ontario Wind Farms Produce Small Amount of Power

Ontario has about 400 MW of wind capacity. The Govt and the Media keep telling you how many homes the wind farms will power. Wind production figures are second from the bottom of page. The graph starts at 1am.They are not telling you the truth. It’s that simple. You can never depend on the wind to produce power when required. Therefore the question is, can it even be considered a power source?

The reality is that in this book put out by the Independent Electricity System Operator — which I think is a government body, part of the old Ontario Hydro — it says, under an asterisk at the bottom, “For capacity planning purposes, wind generation has a dependable capacity contribution of 10% of the listed figures.” So of the 354.6 megawatts that Minister Cansfield talked about today, according to our own Independent Electricity System Operator, we really only have 35 megawatts, if you consider 10%.

The Govt plans to trash rural Ont. hoping to get your vote before you, Joe Public, catch on. You lose every time a new wind farm is constructed and the people near the wind farm lose big time. Stand up for your neighbor and he will stand up for you.
Click the link to view the graph.

8 Responses to “Ontario Wind Farms Produce Small Amount of Power”

  1. Al W Says:

    A lot of farmers in Huron County are lining up to get a windmill on their farms. The “rent” for a windmill can make the difference for a small farming operation.

  2. atomcat Says:

    Al W

    Turning rural Ont into an industrial zone is bad news for the farmers. Ont. has the lowest farm subsidy in NOrth America. WHY?
    Good farm policy is what is needed not industrial wind farms. Besides the number of farmers that gain from the wind farm is small. It also tears apart the community.


  3. Moe Anderson Says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the wind industry starts trying to have this data taken off the web. It exposes the hoax.

    Al, I understand farmers need the money but once you allow an industry to come onto your land and construct huge electrical generators towering over the community, thumping and whining away — you will be treated as an industrialist, not a farmer. I hope you have seen a lawyer before you sign on the dotted line. You are signing away the rights to your land.

  4. Mark Spader Says:

    Wind farms are fantastic! You would prefer a nuke plant in your backyard? Pulverized coal? Wake up and smell the coffee people. Clean energy is the wave of the future. You can’t keep living in the past.

  5. Lyndon Than Says:

    The arguement that “wind generation has a
    dependable capacity contribution of 10%
    of the listed figures” seems an
    over-simplification which
    is being taken at face value. Of course
    the wind is not constant – nor is it polluting.
    James Lovelock says Nuclear is the answer – but he is referring to a large scale solution to address the masses. Wind energy does not have the constant controllable output of other energies – so what? This just means our methods of using wind energy need to address the way it

  6. atomcat Says:

    I’m not sure ,but I think IESO probably has a better handle on the situation than you do. Lets see what Dalton McGuinty, Premier of Ont. has to say about wind energy-“Wind turbines: We are investing heavily in those, but again, those are an expensive form of electricity and they’re not reliable”
    Just the thing you want to base your electrical system on.

  7. Dan Browne Says:

    What a joke.
    You are clearly a NIMBY with an agenda
    There are worldwide stats to prove that the baseline capacity of wind averages out at 30% on average.
    In northern ontario it’s more like 40%.
    In addition to this: natural gas production has peaked and will decline sometime in the next decade.
    I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want the grid to go down as everybody simultaneously plugs in space heaters because they can’t afford nat gas any more.
    So bring it on, as much wind and nuke as we can get.

  8. atomcat Says:

    Dan Browne
    I was going to delete your comment because it’s nasty and wrong.
    First natural gas plants are being built to back up the wind farms. So you are wrong on that point. “Bring on the wind and nukes”, you can’t back up wind with nukes. You are wrong again. The IESO states that for planning purposes wind can only be counted on for 10% of it’s capacity rating. Show me your numbers. Germany, Denmark, California and Texas all give wind a capacity credit of less than !0%.
    Ignorance is not bliss, it’s just ignorance.
    This site is for educational purposes,please feel to take advantage of the opportunity.

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