Damn That Global Warming!

Published: 29th August 2007 12:44The lowest August temperatures for more than sixty years have been recorded in southern Sweden, as August comes to a chilly conclusion across the country.

Tuesday night was unusually cold, with temperatures falling below zero in an area stretching from the far north of the country down as far south as Götaland, the southernmost quarter of Sweden.
At Ronneby Airport in Blekinge, southern Sweden, the lowest August temperature was recorded since measurements began there in 1945. Early on Wednesday morning the thermometer there was showing 0.7 degrees celsius.

The previous August record was 1.3 degrees, which was measured in Ronneby in 1978, according to the SMHI weather service.
Frost is expected in many parts of the country on Wednesday night. The mean daytime temperature is expected to be below normal in the whole country, with temperatures in Norrland forecast to be significantly below average for the time of year

9 Responses to “Damn That Global Warming!”

  1. Ed Darrell Says:

    Well, yeah, global warming models predict wilder fluctuations — higher highs and lower lows. That very well may be an effect of global warming.

  2. bgraef Says:

    Global warming will go down as the biggest fraud in history.

  3. Ed Darrell Says:

    Yeah, Nicaraguans are laughing about it now. Katrina was a hoax, too — have you been to New Orleans lately? What destruction? /Climatechangedenial off

  4. M Anderson Says:

    What has Katrina got to do with this?? Who on earth ever said Katrina was a “hoax”? It was a terrible tragedy and a combination of a long-overdue hurricane and weak levees.

    Global warming, on the other hand IS a hoax based on flimsy science. This decade will go down in history as mass hysteria over WMD and global warming…both illusions with disasterous consequences.

    The environmental movement and science as a whole has lost a whole lotta credibility here.

  5. M Anderson Says:

    Are you seriously blaming the hurricane in Nicaragua on global warming?? Have you looked at the history of hurricanes in the Carribean? What hogwash. Where do you get this stuff?

  6. Ed Darrell Says:

    Katrina was, indeed, a great tragedy. It’s also a great tragedy that people claim global climate change is a hoax. One of the contributors to the severity of Katrina, and to our two recent Category 5 hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico, is global warming. “Warming” here refers to the average temperature worldwide, and that confuses a lot of people because they expect that means their weather will simply get warmer.

    In meteorology, it means that there is more energy in the atmosphere. That translates to stronger storms, and greater extremes of temperature and pressure, as the atmosphere struggles to work toward some sort of equilibrium. While the number of hurricanes is probably not a result of global climate change, it is all but absolutely certain that the increased power of the storms is a result of that warming.

    There is no controversy that our climate is warming. There is some controversy over whether we can blame carbon dioxide for most of the effect. There is some controversy over whether human action now can change the trends. But if one pays attention to what is going on, there is no disagreement among scientists that we should reduce air pollution that is hypothesized to cause global warming (there are other, severe health and economic effects that require we reduce such pollution).

    So, where is the hoax? It’s in people who argue that climate change is a hoax — it’s not, it’s a certainty — and in those even fewer blathering idiots who argue we don’t need to act to stop pollution.

    Denying either global warming or that we need to act is so stupid that not even George Bush does it anymore.

    One counterintuitive effect of global warming is that we will have lower lows in temperature — record cold waves, especially at odd times, is evidence for the changes caused by global warming. So when we see that it’s unseasonably cool in Sweden, we have confirmation of global warming’s effects. Another counterintuitive effect is increased snowfall in places like Buffalo, New York, due to the warmer atmosphere evaporating more water as the wind blows across Lake Erie. Have you watched the record snowfalls in New York the last decade?

  7. Peter Hearnden Says:

    In this post you are talking about weather. But, climate is weather *over time* and global warming is about climate change.

    Thus you are not saying anything about GW but commenting on an event.

    In the future expect lots of different weather, but also expect the atmosphere to warm – for the climate on average to warm. See you in ten years – I hope I’m wrong…

  8. essexcountywind Says:

    In posting this article, I believe the owner of this website was being tongue-in-cheek. Why is it whenever something “hot” happens, you all run around screaming glo-bull warming?

    When someone makes a parallel statement when a cold snap happens, you all give sermons on how you can’t look at singular events. Not only are you all annoying and full of yourselves…you have no sense of humor. 🙂

    P.S. The “average” world temperature (not that there is such a thing)…has been dropping since 1999.

  9. Ed Darrell Says:

    Sorry — didn’t see the tongue-in-cheek. Sometimes that’s easy to miss on the ‘net.

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