Energy Policy is a Disaster for Ontario

Energy is pretty straightforward until politics is allowed to become involved.

According to the senior policy advisor of the Ministry of Energy $15 billion will give Ont. a clean stable cost effective electrical system. Add politics and the cost becomes $70 billion. Our electrical system must be put back in the hands of the people who know what they are doing. Our electrical rates will rise between 40%and 70%, driving away manufacturing jobs.

Both the Liberal and Conservatives are under the illusion that filling Ont. with wind farms will equate to lower emissions. The World Energy Council states that renewable energy such as wind can raise emission levels.

5 Responses to “Energy Policy is a Disaster for Ontario”

  1. Richard Jones Says:

    To quote: “The World Energy Council state that renewable energy such as wind can raise emission levels.” But the relevant reference or context is not given. How can a sweeping statement such as this be referred to without supporting documentation? I find this piece totally irresponsible and merely propaganda for an alternate agenda.

  2. atomcat Says:

    Thanks for pointing out the lack of a link to the World Energy Council.
    I have put a link in for you. It is also referenced in my post Wind Energy can Raise Emission Levels

  3. Richard Jones Says:

    Thank you for adding the link. Having read the appropriate reference I have to say that the way you have used it is a distortion of the context. The WEC document suggests that cycle fluctuations may cause occasional instances of raised emissions to cover shortfalls from less constant wind energy, but by implication it would be a spiking effect of relatively short duration. That is little like suggesting a car driving at an energy saving 80 kph is actually causing raised energy consumption because people have to speed up and use more fuel to go around them. Only true if your focus is on those few moments in time when the pass is actually taking place. Over an extended time frame the net effect is still going to be a reduction in total energy consumption and emissions.

  4. atomcat Says:

    This is from my post
    The reality is that in this book put out by the Independent Electricity System Operator — which I think is a government body, part of the old Ontario Hydro — it says, under an asterisk at the bottom, “For capacity planning purposes, wind generation has a dependable capacity contribution of 10% of the listed figures.” So of the 354.6 megawatts that Minister Cansfield talked about today, according to our own Independent Electricity System Operator, we really only have 35 megawatts.
    Try this maybe it will help you understand. France is powered by 80% nukes 10% hydro and 10% fossil fuels.
    They want to add 5000 turbines. They can’t use nukes to regulate wind power. The only way they can use wind is to build new fossil fuel, so in order to use wind they must increase emissions not decrease them.
    Intermittency is the Achilles Heel of wind power. Despite having
    almost 20,000 wind turbines, Germany has not been able to close a
    single fossil- fuelled power station; in fact the Germans are building
    26 new coal-fired power stations which will be able to “back-up” the
    wind farms while substantially emitting
    Powering the grid with wind is a scam, period, end of subject.

  5. Will B Says:

    Why doesn’t someone site some fact or scientific evidnce that’s actually relevent to their point. If I believe you that you have to keep fossil fuel plants, who cares, the question is how much are they emitting? You’ve suggested that having more clean power in the system requires more power in the system. That doesn’t make any sense. If you add 20% more power to the system and it fluctuates +/- 1%, you don’t need 21% energy to cover the variation, you need 1 or 2%. And given the fact the plants now have 20% less load, the math works out. You have 18 or 19% less energy from fossil fuel plants. If you want to flout logic and suggest otherwise, back it up.

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