Health Care in Huron Bruce Gets a Failing Grade

 by Ron Stephens

The percentage of people in Huron Bruce without a family doctor remains at unacceptable levels. Why?

Both the Liberal and Conservative parties want to introduce private health care. Starve the system long enough and pretty soon private health care starts to look good.

If you want good health care you must demand it. Competing against each other for doctors by attempting to bribe them is demeaning for both the communities and the doctors, It is also a losers game. The solution I have come up with is very simple. Fast track the foreign doctors already in the province but not practicing, they are assigned a community and paid on a graduated scale until they reach full pay at the end of five years. With any luck they have become a part of the community and are happy to continue to live and practice in their new home town. It is important that people entering medical school are screened so that the ones who put health care ahead of money get the positions in the schools. Those doctors will be less likely to leave to chase the money. The doctors must be well paid, but money should not be their first priority.

Our health care system will never work if the powers that be continue to be allowed undermine it.

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3 Responses to “Health Care in Huron Bruce Gets a Failing Grade”

  1. lola lane Says:

    will you keep that true?

  2. cowsbythefence Says:

    I haven’t had a doctor in two years around here. I was dropped because I was too healthy.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Health Care everywhere is a BIG joke. I am retired and am required to pay a $6pp Health Premium to Revenue Canada. Where are my tax dollars being used….To fatten up the politicians’ waistlines. As far as a doctor shortage…In Northern Ontario where I live, the DOCTORS are giving injections.Too greedy for money. Nurses are trained to give injections but are paid by the hour. However the doctors who are paid “per patient” have demanded to perform this operation.

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