Couple issues wind warning at the mall

From the Editor:

I had the pleasure of meeting Daniel when he was in Ont. to testify at an OMB hearing in Kincardine. He continues to fight for the rights of his family and I ask everyone to support him in his fight for justice. More and more lives are being destroyed as more families are being forced from their homes by the wind industry, with the help of govt. This must stop.

Nova Scotia Couple issues wind warning at the mall; Display informs public about family’s experience living next to turbines

A Yarmouth County couple who claim they were driven from their home by one of their neighbours — in this case a giant electricity-generating wind turbine — are now out shopping for support.

Daniel d’Entremont and his wife Carolyn spent about nine hours behind an information table they set up in the Yarmouth Mall one day last week in an effort to publicize their plight.

Daniel & Carolyn d'Entremont“I think it was a success,” Mr. d’Entremont said. “I think it opened the eyes of a lot of people.”

The family asserts that health risks have forced them to move from their Lower West Pubnico home, where the closest of 17 wind turbines spins just 350 metres from their back porch.

The family decided to move last year with their six children back to the home of Carolyn’s parents in Abrams River, about 35 kilometres from the wind farm at Pubnico Point that’s oper ated by Atlantic Wind Power Corp. Ltd. The constant swooshing sound from the turbines was making everyone in the home sick, Mr. d’Entremont said.

The couple distributed literature to passing shoppers during their full day and evening in the Yarmouth Mall.

“What really struck me was the amount of people who didn’t realize there was a problem,” he said. “A lot of people just didn’t know.

“We want (more) public awareness of the dangers and we’re hoping the company will step up and correct the problem they’ve created here.”

This is happening all over Canada. Time to say NO! Full Story

The d’Entremont home click pic to enlarge.

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