Suzuki Says "Sorry, intelligence was never my strong suit."

From the Editor
Suzuki is amazing. He is one of the main pushers of wind farms yet he writes off those people who have had their lives ruined by his wind dream. Not surprising since Suzuki doesn’t much care for the human race to begin with. Suzuki wrote papers with Robert Hornung, president of CanWEA, when Hornung was head of the Pambina Institute. Maybe Suzuki could give Hornung a call and tell him to get his act together. Read the letters from Suzuki to Daniel d’Entremont and get a taste of the real David Suzuki. Daniel d’Entremont and his family were forced from their home after it was surrounded by wind turbines.


Dear Mr. d’Entremont:

“Constructing windfarms at the wrong locations” is stupid and any windfarm advocate who says they should be is simply wrong. Of course a great deal of effort should be put into citing them where wind patterns are good, where there are no migratory bird or bat paths, etc. What’s your point?

"As far as rendering people sick and driving them away from their homes” goes, it may make good rhetoric, but could you be more specific. What is the evidence that windmills make people sick or drives them away from their homes? Then you suggest that if living within 300 metres of a windmill is OK, one should live under one. Wait, since when is 300 metres right under one? I would construct a windmill for my house in a flash on a standard Vancouver lot, but the city’s bylaws wouldn’t allow me. I don’t get what you are suggesting.

“Sorry, intelligence was never my strong suit.”

David Suzuki

Dear Mr. d’Entremont:

I am worried about large windfarms because they tend to concentrate in the hands of corporations. My hope is that individuals and co-ops will be able to build one or two or three on land that can still be farmed. There have also been very important lessons from the past in California that siting windmills is very critical. Past turbines on flight paths of migratory birds slaughtered quite a few and some kill bats. I think your point about large numbers being near houses must be assessed and I regret that you had to move.

I hope you can raise this matter with your local MP and MLA.

David Suzuki

From the Daniel d’Entremont website

4 Responses to “Suzuki Says "Sorry, intelligence was never my strong suit."”

  1. ECWAG Says:

    Suzuki degraded and ridiculed our group last time he was in town without knowing any of the details or facts. He has blindly pushed the industrialization of rural and natural areas and purposely ignored the negatives. He has the nerve to end his letter “contact your local MP and MLA”?? Pass the buck and shut your eyes, Mr. Suzuki!

  2. 654321a Says:

    The noise experts agreed that detremont’s home has been surrounded by improperly sited wind turbines that will exceed the noise guidlines.The government is failing to correct this problem.
    Enbridge hired a noise engineer that agreed and stated that they would not do that in Bruce County,Ontario.
    Other noise experts with more experience disagree with the way Enbridge is carrying on their project.
    The problem seems to be the noise experts at the Ministry of the Environment such as John Kowalewski.This man is the senior expert and is going against the World Health Organization’s findings on industrial wind turbine noise.
    Have we no shame?

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