Big Green Environmentalism

In order to understand wind farms and the renewable energy push, you must understand the environmental movement. You need to educate yourself in order to be in a better position to fight your govt. and the wind industry. 

“On a still day you can just hear the plutocracy laughing. Environmentalism is a dark green tarp they have thrown over North America”.

The money and guidance flowing from the foundations to Big Green is but a fraction of the support elite circles muster on behalf of environmentalism. In addition to the pro-green foundations there are currently over 1,000 commercial corporations affiliated with either the “World Business Council for Sustainable Development” or the “Business Environment Leadership Council”; including about 100 of the world’s largest multinationals. These corporations now give money to environmental activists, lobby governments for specific, self-serving environmental regulations, and incorporate “green” messaging into their advertising and memoranda. As well, governments throughout the English-speaking world and Western Europe, since 1970, have established a myriad of state Environmental Ministries which, via their stringent imposition of regulatory green tape onto industry, have engendered a caste of professional environmentalists. These Eco-Ministries also quietly lavish funds upon environmental activist groups in sums comparable to the collective contributions of the major Green foundations. Then there are the great immeasurables. Immeasurable contributions such as the incalculable amount of free and slanted publicity given to eco-issues by the mass media or the equally priceless support environmentalism has received by virtue of changes to public education curricula, over the last 4 decades, which converted “Ecologism” and “Malthusianism” from obscure 19th century reactionary ideologies into mainstream courses with their own faculties and textbooks. Hence the foundations are but one pillar of support for environmentalism along side high schools, universities, certain industrial corporations, and the mass media.

I view the population control movement and the environmental movement as one indistinguishable whole, founded and funded by the same people and possessing mutually reinforcing and overlapping rhetoric and goals.


On a still day you can just hear the plutocracy laughing. Environmentalism is a dark green tarp they have thrown over North America. They have decreed development be slowed to a crawl and enlisted a vast ‘army of the night’ to implement this command. Here in the trenches we never engage the Kennedys, the Trudeaus or the Windsors. No, down here we get to argue with kids with daisy-counting diplomas from community colleges in their hands and grant applications to the Ford Foundation in their hip pockets; and good luck trying to change the minds of people like this. If not for environmentalist suppression of economic activity North America would be experiencing a tremendous and sustained boom that would reduce unemployment to a smidgeon of its current rate. The responsibility for all of the under-employment, all of the want of opportunity, the lack of housing, the scarcity of public funds, the poverty, the hardship, hard times and heartache people are experiencing shall be layeth upon the well-guarded doorsteps of Big Green. We smolder, we seethe and we type on.

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One Response to “Big Green Environmentalism”

  1. MATT Says:

    It’s one thing for the neo-liberal capitalists to fund their think tanks who then churn out policy papers that end up of the deputy-minister’s desks. That’s how the game is played.

    It’s another thing for the government to be funding NGOs that green-wash the corporate agenda.

    20 years of lip service by Canada to sustainability. Why does CIDA fund dams in Belize that flood out rainforest?
    Sustainability by what definition? Rape the 3rd world over for what you can-just cloak it in green?
    “By their works you will know them”.

    $15 million in taxpayers money for an NGO.
    And the usual list of private and corporate donors. Check out all the Malthusians on the list.

    They have turned democracy into a fraud. Doesn’t matter who you vote for you get the same. That’s because the government is run by Mandarins in league with corporate elites.

    “The rule of nations is too important to be left in the hands of ignorant grubby masses.”

    How do they get away with it? All these NGOs advocate and educate and work the press to shape public opinion. They are a PR machine for Big Business.

    I don’t blame PM Harper for this. Polls drive government. Big Business and the green washers drive public opinion.
    Your tax dollars are paying for the defrauding of your democracy.

    The first step to take the country back is to spread the good news with the grassroots.

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