Reputrace Pays This Blog another Visit


We want to take this opportunity to welcome Reputace back to our blog.

We want to make sure you and your “Corporate Spy Software” ,feel as welcomed as everyone else.

There really is no need to spy on this blog.

This blog sent an open invitation to every Liberal MPP in the Province of Ontario asking that they look it over and to get back to us if they find anything they question or disagree with. To date we have had no replies. Therefore it can be concluded that the information on my blog is factual and is accepted as factual by the Liberal Party of Ont.

Tell your Liberal MPP what you think.

We would like to extend that invitation to your Corporate clients. Again, there is no need to spy.

This blog is open and we invite your clients to discuss with us any questions or concerns they may have with information we post here. If information posted on this blog is found to be incorrect, we will make changes. We try very hard to make sure what we post is factual.

Every time you, “Reputrace” visit this blog the hits tank shortly thereafter. Could be a coincidence.

Twice in recent weeks comments posted to this blog were corrupted with re-direct code, leading to not found pages. Examples of tags that were re-directed, Enbridge, Suncor, Epcor, most any tag that had anything to do with the wind industry.

We don’t wish to lay blame on anyone but we have now been forced to screen comments for security reasons. So, if we don’t post your comment it is because we feel it might be suspect.

If you have had trouble finding us we would like to apologize on behalf of those responsible.

Please visit Reputrace and say hi

This blog believes in free speech.

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