Wind turbine noise

A short video

Our Life is Hell

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2 Responses to “Wind turbine noise”

  1. mareille schwartz Says:

    Hello, I’m Dutch, living in France for the last 4 years. The windturbine maffia is pentrating france, in our village they plan 8 turbines, the nearest 500m from the houses. People are ignorant, they dont beleive tou when you tell them about the nuisances!! we know, the whole windturbine business has nothing to do with green,it is greed!
    please coul you send me a FRENCH spoken video…whem people hear this, they may wake up!
    intersting study is done by a ducth phs. the these :the sound of high winds”
    a french web site: is fighting against implantation all over the country!
    thank you, with kindest regards

  2. Eileen Says:

    sorry i can’t see this noise being a problem.I’ve stood under a wind turbine in godrich just as you have here in the video which is very hard to hear over your talking by the way and the one i stood under was pretty quiet, wouldn’t be any different than running a fan in my bedroom at night at least the turbine doesn’t rattle as well, I lived next to the railyard for 3 years and if you want to talk noise i can tell ya. For the first month of living there i woke everytime a train moved but after a while it got to the point that it put me to sleep. I know your talking about a constant noise and so am i, at a rail yard there isn’t trains just once in a while they are constantly moving. people who didn’t like it moved but nost stay as its a sound they are used to. I got so used to it that i didn’t hear it anymore at night but when the sounds stopped due tpo a wreck on the tracks somewhere that would wake me up.
    I’m sorry but i think there is some things we need to put up with for our kids and our grand childrens sakes, what will they do with NO power sources because we used them all up and were too stupid to try to find and use less harmful sources. In our area they are trying to put in a wind farm and i’m on the side who is hoping to see installation very soon and i would trade my house in the city for any one of the houses in the area of the wind farm. It has to be much better noise than city noise, would love a night without car stereos booming outside my bedroom window, sirens screaming, or the factory 4 blocks over banging steel all hours of the night.

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