Big Money Behind Global Warming Propaganda

Paul Joseph Watson reports:

A retired physics professor became the latest public figure to debunk the myth of a “consensus” behind man-made global warming when he slammed big money interests for pushing climate change propaganda that was at odds with real science in a speech yesterday.

Howard C. Hayden, emeritus professor of physics from the University of Connecticut, told a Pueblo West audience that he was prompted to speak out after a visit to New York where he learned that scaremongering billboards about the long-term effects of global warming were being purchased at a cost of $700,000 a month.

“Someone is willing to spend a huge amount of money to scare us about global warming,” Hayden said. “Big money is behind the global-warming propaganda.”

Hayden pointed out that global warming is taking place throughout the solar system, underscoring the fact that natural causes and not human beings are driving climate change, which has occurred throughout history.

“Yes, the polar ice caps are shrinking . . . on Mars,” he said, “On Mars, the ice caps are melting and small hills are disappearing,” adding that warming trends were also being observed on Jupiter, Saturn and Triton.

Citing the fact that human activity is responsible for just 3 per cent of carbon-dioxide emissions on earth, Hayden said that carbon levels in the atmosphere have been rising and falling for 400,000 years.

“We are at the lowest levels in the last 300,000 years,” he said. “During the Jurassic period, we had very high levels of carbon dioxide.”

“About 97 percent of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere comes from natural sources, not humans,” Hayden concluded, adding that global warming is being pushed not by grass roots advocacy groups, but by giant corporations who stand to gain from selling concepts such as carbon tracking and carbon trading.

You have to wonder what kind of return these global warming fear-mongers are expecting on their investment. World government, more taxes, or a newly created “green” industrial complex? Probably all of the above.

I can’t wait until the “War on global warming” becomes the next statist slogan.

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One Response to “Big Money Behind Global Warming Propaganda”

  1. eugene tano Says:

    yes i agree 100%. the earth is 76 % water and man only uses about 16 % of the land at most so mans influence on the climate is very little. the rich big boys like to scare with theire new bag of tricks as it makes them more billions. the 911- and iraq war is an example of how to make trillions from the suckers of this planet. but the general population is finally on their games of lies and murder for big- big money. how much do these greedy ones need they have 90 % now.?????

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