Glenn Beck and NewsBusters Expose Global Warming Bullies

The old saying, “the first casualty of war is truth” rings true in the global warming scam. The New World Order, is using global warming as the front to get you and I to willingly give up our rights under the guise of helping the planet.



Last week, the BBC ran an article talking about how global temperatures haven’t increased since 1998–an objective fact. But facts don’t matter to the environmentalist wacko crowd. Angry about the …



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One Response to “Glenn Beck and NewsBusters Expose Global Warming Bullies”

  1. Johnnie Says:

    What`s Up(Glen).Look I Writing Because I Am Fed Up With People Keeping The Ordinary Consumer Down.I Mean A Single Mom Trying To Provide For Her Three Kids,Riding A Clunker Car,But Manage To Put Six Dollars Worth Of Gas.(One And A Half Gallons) To Go To A Mimiun Wage Paying Job.When We Have A Trillion Gallons Of Oil Ready To Pump.Very Stupid.

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