Wind Farms and Chemtrails – Welcome to Kincardine

Kincardine Ontario is being surrounded by wind farms. Now we are being sprayed by chemicals. Are the people of this province ever going to wake up.

The sky was a perfect blue early this morning, then the planes came.

They sprayed most of the day, and the blue sky turned into a sick looking milky colour.

Take a look at the pics and then google chemtrails.

Make sure you read Agenda 21. There’s a link at the top of the blog.

click for larger view

chemrails Kincardine Ont.

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One Response to “Wind Farms and Chemtrails – Welcome to Kincardine”

  1. brodie Says:

    Have they renamed them chemtrails now? They used to be contrails.

    What’s wrong with contrails? Sounds like you have become part of the green revolution. Contrails are mostly due to water vapor, and only appear when the humidity and temperature are just right. The effects of chemicals released by jets is a massive area of interest to meteorologists right now, but they are having significant problems measuring it.

    At the moment they know nothing about the overall chemical affect of jets on the atmosphere. The resulting clouds are thought to an overall warming effect, but how much is certainly not known.

    Should we stop using commercial air travel now?

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