The Global Warming Fraud and the Evil Behind It

The reason for this video is to point out a few things I think many well intentioned enviro groupies don’t understand.

.1- The UN is the most evil group on the planet – Hitler would be proud.
Who created the present food crisis? The UN. They knew exactly what they were doing promoting biofuels. They also know global warming is not real.

2- Global warming is a complete and total fraud.

3- While you are busy worrying about about plastic bags, the UN has a larger Agenda.

4-If you are of the Christian Faith pay special attention to the Gore Quote.

I have been environmentally prudent longer than most of you have been alive. So, please don’t bother with the – you’re sponsored by the fossil fuel industry crap, I’m not.

Turn off you TV and do some research. It’s still legal to think for yourself-at least for the time being.

Sustainability is not what you think it is.

This is only my second video so go easy.



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3 Responses to “The Global Warming Fraud and the Evil Behind It”

  1. Earl E Says:

    I don’t believe the jet-stream is moving north, putting high pressure systems over the south and midwest causing droughts. I don’t believe in those wildfires being a full order of magnitude larger than previously measured by the fire fighters. Without forest fires, where could they find jobs?

    I do not believe the methane blooms off the coast of Africa which are dumping methane into the atmosphere at alarming rates are because of over-fishing.

    I don’t believe in the droughts in the midwest last year and the crop loss that occured. I don’t believe that auto emmissions starting back in the 60’s had anything to do with the decades long drought in the Sahel. I don’t believe air pollution darkens the sky.

    I don’t believe the pac norwest salmon fishing is shut down this year. I don’t believe the photos of the Larson B ice shelf calving or any of the myriad of photos showing glaciers evaporating, I don’t believe the glacial lakes drained overnight.

    I don’t belive in dead-zones around all continental shelves, I don’t believe the cost of gasoline is rising from increased demand. I don’t believe that global dimming from particulate pollution as measured by Ramanathan over the Maldives occured, nor is the pan evaporation rate declining world-wide as measured by farmers in the same pan for the last century.

    I instead believe in God, something completely lacking any scientific evidence and based solely on humans from two centuries ago who believed that they heard voices.

    I am going to go turn my car on in the garage with the door shut and pray for all of you warmers.

  2. harmless4life Says:

    I like it! It’s just sad that so many people who are honestly trying to do the right thing are being duped. I am a vegan (used to be vegetarian) and environmentaly concerned, but never believed in global warming (technicaly, it used to be global cooling). A lot of the time people rant and rave aginst “the envirnmental nut jobs”, but ususaly what hey realy mean is the global warming fanatics. You can recycle and protect endangered species without making up a global crisis (not that pollution, defoestation and loss of habitat aren’t already global crises) or manufacturing mass histaria. I actualy watched Al Gore’s entire stupid move and it was like I was back in the 3rd grade. He just talks down to people. I do agreee that some of the ones incharge have alterier motives beyond even saving the planet by creating a issue to draw people’s attention to the Earth… sorry … that was a long post … I’m going to do a post on global warming soon on my blog, so I’ll save the rest of that little speel till then.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I am watching and listening….good on you! I will pass this on

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