UN food body 'should be scrapped'

I would like to go further. The UN should be scrapped entirely. The UN is the home of evil. It is home of the Global Warming scare, which is a lie.

It is cause of the present food shortage. It pushed biofuels which it knew would have a devastating affect on food supplies. The UN wants to reduce world population by up to 80%.

The UN is the home of the elitists that want to rule the world via unelected officials. New World Order Read Agenda 21

The UN makes Hitler look like a pussy cat.
F@#k the UN and the New World Order

Source BBC

UN food body ‘should be scrapped’

President Abdoulaye Wade

President Wade said the FAO’s work was duplicated by other bodies

An African leader has dismissed the UN’s food agency as a “waste of money” and called for it to be scrapped.

President Abdoulaye Wade of Senegal spoke out days after the UN announced an emergency plan to bring soaring world food prices under control.

Mr Wade said the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) was itself largely to blame for the price rises.

His comments came as bakers in Nigeria began a week-long national strike in protest at the cost of flour and sugar.

Some global food prices have nearly doubled in the past three years, provoking riots and other protests in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Source BBC

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