Wind Turbine Noise Video – Suncor Wind Farm Ripley Ont.

Both Suncor and the Ontario govt. have viewed this video. They have yet to respond. Not a big surprise.

Video I took at the Suncor wind farm Ripley Ont. The Ontario govt. continues to put the health of citizens at risk. The industry and the govt. say wind turbines are whisper quiet. You be the judge

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10 Responses to “Wind Turbine Noise Video – Suncor Wind Farm Ripley Ont.”

  1. Lynda Barry-Kawula Says:

    Visit a sister website out of Wisconsin for an updated noise log kept by a family who having been living amid turbines since March. You can download it there.
    Thanks for this video. I’m linking it to our site!

  2. Lynne Says:

    Shocking video! Everyone in the Ministries of the Environment and Energy should listen to this. The fact that this is being done to honest citizens by our own government is very disturbing, and with the new noise study, the liberals are trying to deny that a problem exists. The MOE needs to stand up and do the right thing and establish adequate setbacks to protect people.

  3. Complaints about Wind Turbine Noise « Earl says … Says:

    […] Wind Turbine Noise Video – Suncor Wind Farm Ripley Ont. […]

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Great video. We will be posting it on our website, and adding a link to your site on ours also

  5. John E. Gibson Says:

    Cars make noise and cost us alot of money. Politicians make noise and cost us a lot MORE money . Wind power makes noise and saves us money. What is the Question??????????????? . I can’t hear you?????????????????????????????????

  6. John E. Gibson Says:

    come on with wind & solar poower. The politicians have scewed us way and lined their pockets with wealth way to long with oil, and laws, over stuff that is free. give us a break. Oil power is noisy also.

  7. John E. Gibson Says:

    When Politicians make a lot of money on wind powrer, The noise of windpower will disappear. Things will a lot better for Air quality, with wind power, with less noise,from the politicians

  8. agenda 21 Says:

    the government is spending so much money on wind that you can now see the problems in society-lack of education is evident with Mr. Gibbons.Maybe he should study his facts before blogging.
    He probably works for the wind industry.

  9. Dan Says:

    I would like to know more about this particular footage….. What size turbines are these? Do you know what the air speed was when you took footage? Were you ‘upwind’, or ‘downwind’ of the nearest tower, and how far away were you?

  10. Alexander Says:

    The whole truth about wind turbines is never told by lobbyists and gvts.
    How could the very weak and extremely unreliable initial energy source of a wind turbine ever produce a steady power of any significance ? Please think ! And read Nearly every aspect of wind energy is wrongly presented to the public by the stake holders and it is the same song and dance all over the world.

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