Bill C 51-Notice of a protest rally on in Richmond

Although our main purpose is to expose the wind industry – this is very important. If you can attend do and if you know someone near Richmond please alert them.


*Notice of a protest rally on Bill C 51  in Richmond*
On *Wednesday. May 21*, Health Canada is holding a “stakeholders’
meeting” in *Richmond*, behind closed doors,  on  the New Health
Bill –  Bill C 51.
*We need to show Health Canada how we feel!*
*We need* as many *people *as can make it *to do street picketing*.
We need *your help* – there is strength in numbers ( and as many
people as possible who feel passionately about the draconian
injustices and assaults on health contained in this Bill)    **
*Bring good signs* – we are hoping for some TV news coverage!     When:  *May 21, 2008    –   _ 3 pm_ – 5 pm
*    Where:  *Best Western* Richmond Hotel & Convention Centre
*7551 Westminster Highway*,
Richmond, BC
Even though this is a rather late notice, (since this takes
place this Wednesday) please pass this message on to as many of
your local contacts as possible.  Thank you!
Hope to see you there!

*If you know that you can make it, please let Kurt know at   604

He has taken the initiative to organize this protest rally because
he is so very concerned about Bill C 51.  I hope you are too.

“When we give government the power to make medical decisions for
us, _ we, in essence, accept that the state owns our bodies.”_       ~U.S.Representative Ron Paul, MD

What does Bill C 51 do?  It makes it a crime for you to take care of
your health in any  manner  – *unless granted specific government
permission*.  At the present time, 60 -70 % of Natural Health
Product applications have been rejected and have failed to receive
that permission.  *The punishments for non-compliance are those
found in total dictatorships – they are draconian and onerous beyond
Bill C 51 sells your health decisions to government bagmen,
which are in bed with Big Pharma .  It destroys your right to make
your own health choices, your right to practice self-sufficiency and
independence – and it removes your access to Natural Health Products
that have been shown to be safe for centuries.         *Take back jurisdiction over your own body* – It is your God-given
birthright – protect it!.  It does not belong to the government, and certainly not to industry. (Big Pharma).

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2 Responses to “Bill C 51-Notice of a protest rally on in Richmond”

  1. Sciolist Says:

    Right now we’ve got high standards for mainstream medicine and almost no standards for complementary and alternative medicine. This bill will simply even the playing field, and apply the same standards of efficacy and safety to all health products. There’s nothing to be afraid of if these natural products actual work.

    “it removes your access to Natural Health Products
    that have been shown to be safe for centuries.”

    That’s not true. The benefits of unregulated herbs and supplements are not supported by a literature of well-designed clinical trials. Just because something has been used for a long time doesn’t mean it works — leeching was a common practice for centuries. It was still nonsense. The only way to prove these substances work is to test them under controlled conditions.

    It’s not about your freedom to treat yourself with unproven modalities — it’s about standards of health care. We should have one set of standards for all health products. This bill will make it much harder (though not impossible) to sell snake oil, and it’s astonishing to me that so many people are against it.

  2. Doreen Hayward Says:

    I may be late, but I wish to register my disapproval of the changes that the government wants to make to Bill 51. My health has been improved with alternative therapies and people should have the choice. Sincerely, Doreen Hayward

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