Wind Turbines Fail in Ontario

Ontario has 472 MWs of wind energy and wants to build 1,000s more.

According to the govt, the wind industry, newspapers, magazines, radio and TV, “that’s enough clean emission free energy to power 141,600 homes”.

Somehow, probably just an oversight on everyones part, they fail to mention the fact that the numbers are based on peak capacity.

I checked Sygration (output and capacity numbers for all generation in Ont.) at noon today.

Remember, 141,600 homes is the number they want you to believe.

At noon today, the turbines were not producing 472 MWs, they were producing – Drum roll please …………………………………………………………………………………………………


Enough to power 1500 homes. 1MW = 300 homes

Question to all the people who think windmills (they’re not really turbines) are such a great idea? What are the other 140,100 homes supposed to do for power. Wait for the wind ?

The “Greens don’t want to use fossil fuels or nuclear. So they must not want any power.

So, I’m asking all the “Greenies” to please call their utility and get disconnected from the grid. Don’t wait do it now!

That will solve several problems.

1) Remove the need for new generation

2) Show an immediate reduction in emissions (something that wind energy has never accomplished)

3) Remove the need to bastardize rural Ontario with wind farms

Never forget two things

1) Denmark is a small country of 5.3 million ( about the size of metro Toronto), They have been using wind since the 1970s and they are still heavily dependent on their neighbors for energy.

2) Germany has the most wind energy, and is held up as an example to follow. Germany is in the process of building 20 plus coal plants.

The manufacturing sector in Ontario is already starting to flee. The higher the cost of electricity gets the fewer manufacturing jobs there will be.

That’s a Fact

What do Al Gore, David Suzuki, Global Warming and the Wind Industry have in common?

They are all Frauds brought to by the UN

Do the research

One Response to “Wind Turbines Fail in Ontario”

  1. Grant Church Says:

    The Ontario wind capacity factor was 27% between March 2006 and October 2007, with a monthly low of 14% and a high of 43%, according to the IESO December 2007 issue of the Ontario Reliability Outlook. That means only an average of 38,232 homes could be supplied by 472MW of wind power. On September 5, 2006, there were 12 hours of non-production, from 8:00AM to 8:00PM.
    Wind has a place but it needs %100 reliable backup making it doubly expensive. Even on the transmission side, you need to have sufficient capacity in the chance that you have full production, which is almost never.

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