490 Billion for the Canadian Military

We don’t have money for health care. We don’t have money for education. We don’t have money to care for the elderly. We don’t have money for child care.

But by Christ, we got all the money in the world to chase the boogie man.

Is there one politician left in this country that is not trying to either give this country over to the UN via the “Green Movement”, or giving the country to the US via the SPP.

Canada’s leaders are traitors – every damn one.

The people in this country had better get their priorities in order – FAST

Please, go look in the mirror. Are you a Canadian? Or have you been reduced to nothing more than a “Big Mac” eating “Wal-Mart shopping” mindless piece of meat.

Oh Canada! We stand on guard for thee. Or do we?

Democracy requires diligence.

Wake up! You can do it if you try.


$60 billion on equipment

The document, which stresses the importance of giving the Canadian Forces predictable and stable funding, says $60 billion must be spent on much-needed military equipment, such as helicopters, patrol ships, planes, destroyers, frigates, land combat vehicles and weapons.

A total of $15 billion of these equipment purchases has already been confirmed and announced publicly.

Other military spending over the next 20 years is to include:

  • $250 billion on personnel, with the military’s numbers increasing to 70,000 regular members and 30,000 reserve members. (Currently, there are 62,000 regular members and 25,000 reservists.)
  • $140 billion on training and maintenance of equipment.
  • $40 billion on military buildings and infrastructure.

The document suggests that in the next 20 years, the international community will be coping with failed states, rogue nuclear nations and the increasing threat of terrorism. It also notes that the military needs to enhance its ability to operate alongside U.S. forces.

“The Canada First Defence Strategy will enable the Forces to … address the full range of defence and security challenges facing Canada now and into the future,” the document states. “This strengthened military will translate into enhanced security for Canadians at home as well as a stronger voice for Canada on the world stage.”

Six core duties for the military

The document says the Canadian Forces will have six core duties over the next 20 years and will often have to juggle more than one duty at once in Canada and overseas.

The duties are:

  • Conducting daily domestic and continental operations, including protecting Arctic sovereignty.
  • Supporting a major international event in Canada, such as the 2010 Olympics.
  • Responding to any major terrorist attacks. (read 1984)added
  • Providing aid to civilian authorities during natural disasters and other crises in Canada.
  • Conducting a major international operation for an extended period, such as the Afghan mission. (Mission is about a pipeline)added
  • Have enough troops remaining to deploy to other international crises for shorter periods of time.
  • story CBC

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2 Responses to “490 Billion for the Canadian Military”

  1. Roy Paquette Says:

    I agree with this paper in principle, but I would like to see more specifics.

  2. Steve Says:

    there is more than enough money for health care, education, and social programs. Its not the Defense Departments fault if those organizations can’t manage their money and streamline their efficiency. DND has been asked to commit forces to some of the most difficult missions missions with absolutely no financial support from politicians over the past 20 years, so it’s about time DND received what it needs to conduct missions in the interest of Canada

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