Community Revolt Over Wind Farm

The headline says “revolt” but it’s just a larger protest than normal.

But, a revolt is exactly what it will take to stop the march of the windmills.

This needs to be looked at for what it is, an invasion. Your democracy is being removed by an army of bureaucrats who want One World Order.

Instead of bombs, they are using “Green Rhetoric” which will turn out to be just as destructive.

Govt.’s everywhere have sold out to the idea of A New World Order.

Al Gore urges civil disobedience to stop coal plants

At this point, citizens have only one of two choices.

Lay down


Stand Up.

Community revolt over wind farm

Thousands of people have joined the fight against a massive wind farm development on mountains north of Swansea.

Opposition to the scheme by Npower Renewables is growing as organisations sign up to the campaign to save Mynydd-y-Gwair from 127-metre wind turbines.

The Gower Society, Swansea Civic Society, Pontarddulais Town Council, Betws Community Council, Mawr Community Council and the West Glamorgan Commoners’ Association are all objecting to the company’s plans.

This week around 150 people attended a public meeting in Felindre where Save Our Common Mountain Environment chairman Glyn Morgan revealed a slideshow of pictures from similar windfarm developments elsewhere.

He said locals were left “aghast” when they saw the damage caused to the environment, particularly at the Ffynnon Oer wind farm.

“People were horrified. It is surprising when we show them what it entails — it has an immediate reaction,” said Mr Morgan.

“We are up to a couple of thousand objecting now.”

Asked whether he thought the council would reject Npower’s plans, Mr Morgan said: “They should not be ignoring the groundswell of feeling in this area about the wind farm. They should take note.

“We are on the periphery of the City and County of Swansea but we are still citizens of Swansea. We are in danger of losing one of the last wildernesses in West Glamorgan.”

He said the outcome of the meeting was unanimously against the development.

“Nobody said anything in favour of the plan at all and that’s good news for the group and everybody in the area.

“We have a united voice,” said Mr Morgan.

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The History of the Global Warming Scare – Birth of the carbon tax scam

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One Response to “Community Revolt Over Wind Farm”

  1. Michael McCann Says:

    I read with interest your article about wind turbines. I think the tremendous PR that wind energy is receiving (and buying) these days has completely ignored the variety of impacts of the huge industrial wind farms that are sprouting up in the U.S, and indeed world wide. In that regard, and despite the unpopularity of my findings amongst the wind energy industry and cash-hungry rural governments, I believe I am perhaps the only independently objective professional who is actually studying the impact on home values of being surrounded by these modern day power plants. I have focused on those homes being swallowed up by the projects, as differentiated from merely being able to see the 400 foot towers from one’s front porch against the distant horizon, 5 miles or more away.

    The empirical and factual evidence I have researched to date reveals that a significant impact occurs under the typical scenario developing in Illinois, for example, as homes sit on the market for 800 or more days, 100+ showings and no offers submitted once would-be buyers view the “neighborhood”, or will occasionally sell at a steep (20-30%) discount after the market has almost entirely rejected such an overlaid “industrial” home setting. Meanwhile, these trends are developing in the face of an active market for rural homes that DO sell near list price, when not disadvantaged by trying to market a formerly “serene” home surrounded by the turbines. Clearly, the turbines are having a significant negative financial impact on homeowners.

    It is also interesting that the wind energy developers are somehow able to place their projects on thousands of acres in rural residential and agricultural settings, without any consideration of the pre-existing residents with homes on 1 to 5-acre lots, or any official requirement that the home owners at least be offered a buy-out or property value guarantee. Having worked on numerous large scale development projects, I can think of no other example that mirrors the wind industry lack of consideration toward the existing residents. I feel quite comfortable in asserting the truism that if any developer tried to build a shopping center, etc., “around” any residential lot and home, without buying them out or convincing the sponsoring governmental agency to employ eminent domain powers for the “public good”, the chance of obtaining zoning approval would be slim to none.

    I realize that the majority of the public has only been exposed to the positive aspects of wind farm produced energy, frankly, most of which with I agree in concept. However, when the financial and social gain to the public or even just the profit margin for the energy companies is achieved at the expense of a (increasingly large) handful of non-participating property owners, and the destruction of their property values results, then that is tantamount to a large scale shelving of the long established legal requirement that just compensation must be paid to a property owner when they lose the use, enjoyment and value of their property for the public purpose or use in question.

    The European wind farm industry has achieved growth earlier than their US counterparts, and the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (appraisers) have concluded that there is a measurable loss of value in the vicinity of wind farm projects. I suggest that this available study, and others cited by the wind energy industry, have utterly failed to isolate the study of impact on home values to those most affected, namely, those in the “footprint” of the projects. And the reason why?…..there is very little transaction activity occurring in those footprints, because no one wants to live among the towering giants sent to save us from dependence on Arab oil. Case in point: Even T. Boone Pickens was quoted as saying he will not build any part of his $10-billion Texas wind farm on his 6,000 acre ranch….”because they are ugly”.

    These injustices are occurring in our neighbors’ communities at an alarmingly unchecked and unregulated pace.

    Influential proponents of wind energy would be fully justified in making sure the rural residents most impacted by these huge projects are protected from a property value “meltdown”, rather than simply rolling out the red carpet for poorly planned growth and energy production. Otherwise, it will be too late for multitudes of people, as the concerned “guinea pigs” have been ignored thus far, and the parallel lessons of the mortgage crisis will have been too quickly forgotten.

    If you can imagine the blades turning and the 3.a.m. “thumping” of the props turning in the breeze, you can begin to envision what hundreds or thousands of citizens are being forced to live with, for the “public good”.

    Feel free to contact me if you would like to follow up with any more detailed discussion, etc. There are other experts familiar with noise and health impacts, which would “round out” the issue with counter points to the wind energy PR statements.


    Michael S. McCann
    McCann Appraisal, LLC
    500 North Michigan Avenue, Suite # 300
    Chicago, Illinois 60611

    Real Estate Appraisal & Consulting

    Phone: (312) 644-0621
    Fax: (312) 644-9244

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