Green, not dumb – The Reality of Wind Energy


It is quite unfortunate that a man like Mr. Carr, former CEO of the Ontario Power Authority, who has known for a long time, the problems with wind energy, declined to step forward until now.

Many families in the province have had their lives ruined while he and his colleagues remained silent.

That said, maybe his words will encourage others to step forward.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all those who refused, to shut up, lay down or go away. Be proud of the fight you have, and continue to wage. Truth and justice are always worth the effort.

May other citizens learn from your example.

Jan Carr, former OPA CEO, will now tell you exactly what we have been saying for years.

Thanks for coming forward Mr. Carr, and welcome aboard the truth train.

Mr. Carr’s letter to the Globe and Mail.


Green, not dumb

Toronto — My wife suggested Murray Campbell’s use of “old” in “dumb old utility guys” should be my basis for a complaint to a human rights tribunal (‘Dougs’ Take Warning: Curious George Is Keen On Green – Sept. 25), as the former CEO of the Ontario Power Authority.

Let the facts speak for themselves. The OECD’s International Energy Agency and the websites of the European utilities themselves say it all. In spite of hype about their innovation in renewable energy, both Germany and Denmark derive half of their electricity from coal-fired stations. As its nuclear generating stations reach the end of their design-lives, Germany will have to decide between building new coal-fired generation (it already has 10 times the amount that Ontario has) and abandoning its no-new-nuclear policy. With a quarter of its supply coming from renewables and more on the way, Ontario’s electricity is already considerably greener than Germany’s and soon will take league leadership from Denmark.

Then check electricity prices. Germans pay double and Danes triple what Ontarians do.

From the Globe and Mail

Today at noon, Ontario’s 672MW’s of wind were producing 32MW’s

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3 Responses to “Green, not dumb – The Reality of Wind Energy”

  1. Quixote Says:

    Hopefully Mr. Carr’s “openness” is just the beginning of a new “enlightenment” by some morally and righteous people who have been involved in this “less than truthful” industry. Possibly the Greed Merchants of Wall Street that have been “busted” may cause others to start evaluating their involvement in the harm that has and will be done to unwary citizens of this country by “wind weasels”.

  2. essexcountywind Says:

    Who would know better of what the truth of the situation is but this guy. Providing electricity for our society should be taken out of the hands of the lying politicians and back to the engineers and those who fully understand how the grid operates. Smitherman, Gerretsen and formally, Dwight Duncan are so lost in the propaganda and trying to “appear” green, they are making really stupid, harmful decisions. This is exactly what is also happening in the Europe but idealogy trumps facts, I guess.

  3. Lynne Says:

    Kudos to Mr Carr for having the courage to stand up and tell the truth. It is astounding that the Liberal government is listening to the likes of Paul Gipe and Keith Stewart over their own engineers. In a couple of years, when electricity prices have doubled, and more industry leaves for other countries, McGuinty will moan that there is nothing he can do and call on the Feds for help.

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