Wind farm chases couple from Wolfe Island – Ontario

Editor: Just wait until the wind farm is built. Then the real problems begin.

There is nothing green about the wind industry unless you count the cash. If anyone else tried to destroy the land and and flyways the greens would be having a fit.


Wind farm chases couple from Wolfe Island

When Dawn and Dean Wallace moved to Wolfe Island 17 years ago, they fell in love with the peaceful, slow pace of life in the rural community.

It quickly became home and they planned to retire on the island.

That has all changed. The couple feels that construction of one of Canada’s largest wind-power projects has forced them out of the community and they’re in the process of moving off the island into a home they’ve bought northwest of Kingston in Camden East.

“It’s ironic that the very thing that’s supposed to be green has had such a negative impact on us,” said Dawn Wallace.

“It’s a green project without a green process.”

The couple lived at the corner of Baseline Road and 5th Line – at the heart of the construction zone – where dozens of trucks moved past their house daily on their way to and from a quarry that supplied stone to build the access roads and cement foundations for the wind turbines.

As a result, the Wallaces spent this past summer wearing earplugs and avoided spending time at home.

The noise and dust from dozens of trucks and heavy pieces of equipment moving past their property, at times starting as early as 4 a. m., made life almost unbearable.

They didn’t even cut their lawn until Thanksgiving weekend because of the dust.

“I have one word for it: hell,” said Wallace, a high school teacher.

The couple has documented the dust and noise by posting video footage on YouTube, which is available by searching the online site using the keywords Wolfe Island wind.

To get some relief from the noise and dust, they called the Township of Frontenac Islands, the Ministry of the Environment and the company building the wind plant, Canadian Hydro Developers Inc.

But the Wallaces say they got no relief. The trucks kept coming.

“It was very difficult to get help,” she said. “At the end of the day, it was unbearable and we got no support.”

That wasn’t completely a surprise for the Wallaces, who watched as tension grew in the community between those who supported the project and those who had concerns about the location of the wind turbines. Angry disagreements occurred at public meetings.

“[Opponents] had to endure such terrible, painful social pressures from certain members of the community for speaking out about certain aspects of the process,”Wallace said.

“What was once a community of solidarity that we contributed [to] and benefited from has become a community divided, which is very painful.”

It all became too much for the Wallaces, whose departure comes just as the project’s first turbines are being erected.

Mammoth and pre-eminent on the rural landscape, the 125-metre-high turbines are visible for miles along the western portion of the island. The giant machines tower high above what were once dormant farmers’ fields.

In the coming months, workers will be using giant cranes to erect a total of 86 turbines along the western side of the island. The project is anticipated to be up and running by April 1, 2009.

By Jennifer Pritchett
Whig-Standard Environmental Reporter

The Kingston Whig-Standard for full story


Proposed Wolfe Island Cement Factory 20m from Lake Ontario

link to construction phase

Wolfe Island Wind Turbines: Life on the Front Lines

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3 Responses to “Wind farm chases couple from Wolfe Island – Ontario”

  1. Grant Church Says:

    I hoped to get to the island once more before it’s turned into an industrial park. I just can’t believe this is happening. Such a beautiful area. Now it’s blighted forever. I’m so glad I’ve never voted for Dalton McGuinty

  2. orangutan Says:

    Constructing a big wind farm is undoubtably a large industrial project. But so is open pit coal mining, the Alberta tar sands, a nuclear power plant, or a big dam on a river. After the construction is over, which source of energy is better or worse?

  3. atomcat Says:

    You Said

    “Constructing a big wind farm is undoubtably a large industrial project. But so is open pit coal mining, the Alberta tar sands, a nuclear power plant, or a big dam on a river. After the construction is over, which source of energy is better or worse?”

    There is no perfect form of energy, yet. (I’m no fan of the way the tar sands are being developed)

    Nuclear,hydro and fossil fuels can all be called upon when required. I like to refer to those as power sources.

    Wind does not fit into the above category. Energy is all around us but if it is not available when required it’s not power.

    Why don’t we capture the energy from lightning? It’s not practical and neither is wind.

    If you want to set up a personal wind turbine and solar panels, fine.
    That’s what they were designed for and they serve a purpose in that capacity.
    Trying to feed the grid – bad idea.

    Wind and solar are being sold on the idea that C02 causes global warming.

    It’s crisis management. The problem is – the global warming crisis was created in order to move an agenda forward.

    Please take the time to read the Green Agenda – found at the top of the blog.

    The world was told that C02 was the enemy and if you did as you were told, the world could be saved.

    The whole C02, global warming scare is a scam, as is the environmental movement.

    Therefore, there isn’t any reason to be building wind farms.

    C02 and global warming are being used to convince you to give up your rights and accept new taxes.

    Sorry, but that’s the reality of the situation.

    I posted the article below in Jan. 2007. Worth a look.

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